• JenWhite4022
    JenWhite4022 Posts: 27 Member
    great job everyone!
  • Jennifer076
    Jennifer076 Posts: 275 Member
    Profile pictures shows better before and during vs the pictures I posted at the beginning of this thread. When I tried to upload this picture it was huge so you'll have to check out my profile picture.
    Thanks for looking!!!
  • dankas001
    dankas001 Posts: 209 Member
    wow you are all truly inspiring well done gorgeous people xxx
  • cog62
    cog62 Posts: 52 Member
    Wow! I started out at that weight too. Thanks for giving me hope! Congrats! you have got to be one proud gal!!!
  • doglover1984
    doglover1984 Posts: 54 Member
    You have all done amazing work, you are truly an inspiration :wink:
  • Wow. So inspiring. Bump
  • Sharbear73
    Sharbear73 Posts: 96 Member
    Best Thread Ever. Thanks Everyone. I have to admit I drooled a little too....
  • sweetpea03b
    sweetpea03b Posts: 1,124 Member
    These threads literally bring tears to my eyes... I can't wait until I can post a success story :) Great job, everyone!
  • monizjm
    monizjm Posts: 92 Member
    AWESOME! I hope to do the Spartan Race here in Hawaii after reaching my ultimate goal weight! You've done so well. Congrats!
  • aljharvey
    aljharvey Posts: 73 Member
    profile pic
  • the_Tallguy
    the_Tallguy Posts: 16 Member
    WOW good job! Keep it up!
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