Fitness clothing......sports bra (slight tmi)



  • daniellabella986
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    Who cares? if people are checking out your nip situation then they're obviously not working out hard enough. do your thing..and let your nips too lol
  • I am 34 F so my sports bras are quite thick, and therefore I have never had this problem. And I live in Scotland so it is tried and tested all year round.
  • I don't use them, but I have heard the Braza nipple petals work well, google them. I know someone who uses them for "crooked headlights" :)
  • WakkoW
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    IDGAF if my nipples stick out.


    The last time I gave a fu** was in high school.

    For whatever reason, I always have some sort of headlights on. The colder it is, the brighter they are, but they are never completely off.

    Anyway, it is the least of my concerns. I hate padded bras overall and would never consider a padded sports bra.
  • Vex3521
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    Yeah I guess I need to stop caring lol. Just bugs me when people stare and for some reason I lost the sass to say "HEY My eyes are up here!" Dunno. We have some creeper types at the gym that don't workout and like walk around and talk and stop in a section.... and repeat in a new area.... and continue. Major odd. I Go to workout not walk around the gym. Maybe that's why it's bugging me? Old gym before our move.... no one cared or stared.... everyone was there to do their daily and get going!