NSV that had me screaming inside!

This is the first week of classes for my second semester of graduate school, and I am taking a class with a professor that chose a classroom with those tiny seats and the flip down type desks last semester. I couldn't fit in those desks last semester, the seat wasn't wide enough for me to fit "what my mama gave me" and the flip-down desk couldn't fit over the love handles that I have undeniably given myself. Well, guess what! Yea you guessed it! He chose a different classroom with those same stupid desks. I dreaded this would happen, and even thought for the two days prior to the class meeting I prayed that God wouldn't let have that struggle, I let down my faith with fear of embarrassment when I peeked into that locked classroom door. Well, though I failed my faith, my faith didn't fail me. I sat in that chair and pushed that desktop down, and I nearly cried! I didn't have to force it over my rolls (though my behind is still hanging off the side of the seat), it just flipped down over my lap (more like leg) without a problem. You guys I was screaming with joy on the inside!


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