Big Mac Casserole



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    bump need to try this one thx!
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    Want to try this!
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    We do basically the same thing, but go ahead and eat it as a hamburger. diced onion, pickles on the bottom, then the beef patty, slice of cheese, and thousand island dressing and shredded iceberg. Make it as healthy as you wish with fat free dressing, wheat bun, half a bun, grass fed beef, whatever floats your Big Mac boat...I also like to add a slice of turkey bacon if I'm feeling extra decadent :) The flavors really are a good fake out, plus you can skip the dizzying stomach cramps you get from a real Big Mac. The casserole sounds great too. Will have to give it a shot!

    Ill be trying this tonight except the pickles
  • MUST try!
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    Had to come back and say this is delicious even my McDonald's loving husband thought it was great. We've had it twice this month! Love that its quick, cheaper than a Big Mac and I don't have to drive to get it.
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  • Sounds good, cheap and easy.
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    Epic Meal Time. Fast Food Lasagna.

    You're welcome.
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    Big Mac's are my daughters most recent favorite so I guess I'm going to try this. Thanks : )
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  • Bump
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    I tried this and served it to some friends without telling them what it was and they turned to me and said "this tastes just like a big mac" so needless to say it was a hit!
    I did not put as much cheese on it as the recipe called for just broke up 2-3 slices of kraft light cheese slices. I also put some sesame seeds on top of the casserole and topped lettuce with fresh onions and pickles. Next time I am going to make it with the "real" big mac sauce recipe, it will make the overall calories higher but you can still tweek it by using light mayo and sweetener.
  • Holy sweet mother of God!! With some tweaking I am sooooo going to use this idea. Not a fan of the pillsbury dough so have to find a substitute for that. Love the idea of making it as a salad too!
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    Okay so I tried this and to me a total win - with my son the jury is still out.

    I used whole fat cheddar instead of slices (6 oz)
    Whole Wheat Cresent Rolls

    With the cheddar the portion cals went up to 417 per serving but worth it to me.
  • Going to have to remember this!