5'3 122 lb woman REALLY wanting to lose 15 lbs! Need tips!



  • Damn.
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    Unless Chelsea has wide hips (genetically) or is a very curvy woman (being Latina or Black American), being anywhere close to 120 lbs and only 5'3" is considered very heavy for this height.

    I am much happier being under 110 lbs then being close to anywhere near 120 lbs.

    You made me laugh "being latina or black american" :laugh: There's curvy anglo women out there, I assure you. Ummm, for myself, Italian, large frame, 5'2, 134lbs. Alll of the women in my family have an *kitten*. My hips are like BAM, I like a womanly figure. I look good at this weight, and I'm a midget :wink: I think the poster suggesting she ask her Dr. is probably on the same level as most of us reading this, like "You're 120lbs. and want to weigh less??". To each his own, if that is where you feel comfortable, then by all means :) I just had to represent for the curvy ladies, and point out that amusing classification of yours.

    TOOO FUNNY.... :-). I must admit I was like she want to loose what? But then again I'm 5'2, black american woman "as you couldn't see that in my pic" and I look best @ 130-140lbs. Natural curves, anything smaller than that well it just don't look healthy.
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  • hi! I am 5´3 as well and went from 138 lbs to 108 lbs but I can relate because i was ´stuck´ in the 120 lbs range at one point(it´s still a healthy weight for our height but I understand if you want to lose a few vanity pounds).
    So I went to a nutritionist and she suggested to cut down the bread/cereal for a little while (then introduce it again for maintenance) and eat more protein (tuna, salmon, chicken, lean meats, etc) and I lost the weight that I wanted.
    Now I eat bread and cereal again(in moderation) and I didn´t gain the weight back.
    I hope it helps. Good luck!
    PD: sorry in advance if my english sucks (not a native speaker)
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  • The more you work out the more you need to eat. So you don't want to eat under 1000 calories. Also counting calories isn't what your main focus should be. You need to watch what you eat. Lettuce ( with out dressing), cauliflower and anything without sugar veggie are free foods, and you can eat as many of them though out the day as you want. As you workout more you need to replenish your energy. As you start getting a lower bmi it starts to become harder to lose fat. You need to watch your calorie intake to avoid lean mass loss. So do a 6-1, 5-2, and alternate every other week. 6-1 means eat your deficit 6 days and you need to eat you maintenance (the amount of calories to maintain your weight) calories for one day. Then two weeks later 5 days deficit and two days maintenance ( not back to back days). If you don't understand or have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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    you haven't logged your food in over a week. you should start.
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    editied to delete my comment because I realized this post is 4 years old. UGH.

  • I know this post was old but it does help to refer to topics when it does relate to your situation. So thanks guys for commenting im learning alot on here. Newbie :)
  • rachel5576, do you think its possible i'm not eating enough calories? i did insanity dvd and yoga today and i've consumed around 1,000 calories today, and probably wont eat anymore tonight.