How to handle uninvited diet advice?



  • Warchortle
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    Find their home address and them slap them as hard as you physically can.
  • DamePiglet
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    I may actually consider some of the advice on here (in this thread), but to be honest, I'm just rude.
    I cut them off abruptly with, "meh, maybe so, but that ain't what I'm doing."
  • AusEliza
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    I would say accept the comment and make of it what you will. If you think it is nonsense you should ignore it.
  • lseed87
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    Probably say thanks and say i'll look into that or something.
  • bennettinfinity
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    Respond by saying "What a coincidence! I just started doing that exact thing today... changed my life!".

    You get bonus points if you can keep a straight face...
  • Cortelli
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    OP wasn't on a treadmill, OP was using the treadmills during lunch. I am assuming the interaction happened afterwards.
    Otherwise it would look like this


    Love this GIF - every time I see it I start plotting to work out my own routine and practice at odd hours in order to break out one day in a crowded gym, but haven't yet pursued it.

    OP - like dozens of others, I'd smile, say "thanks!" and go about my business.
  • zyxst
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    Throw 'em the look:
  • EricMurano
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    I went fishing one night at the pier.

    It's a popular pier and I was a fool to think I'd get some solitude there.

    A middle aged woman came up to me and asked "Do you have a heavy sinker? I heard you need a heavy sinker to fish here".

    Her heart was in the right place but really, what did she think she was doing?

    Some people just *hear* some seemingly useful tidbit on a subject that they are not really that interested in and that tidbit bubbles up in their brain when they see someone undertaking the activity.
  • pineapple1989
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    There was once a charity bake sale on at work, and as I was going it the gym later that day I decided to treat myself to a cupcake (all for a good cause right?!) and as I walked back to my desk my boss (male) says "should you be eating that, I thought you were on a diet" he said it so loud and everybody turned around. It was quite embarrassing and I'd much rather he kept his nose out of my diet. Not to mention he ruined my happy cupcake feeling as I could barely look at it after that!
  • AmyRhubarb
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    Smile and nod... smile and nod...


    Or fart in their general direction.

    Their mother must have been a hamster.

    and their father ate elderberries
    and doesn't like a dose english types \m/
  • Crumpet_Girl
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    Smile and nod, and nod.


    I was about to post this pic but you beat me to it :laugh:
  • ChristineS_51
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    Probably just say "Thanks - I'll research that" or "Thanks for the advice - but I am good with what I am doing now and it's working for me"

    Or whatever - probably depends a lot of the person offering unwanted advice / comments etc and how you feel at the time.

    My mother is always making comments about what I eat - thinks I should be eating very little and existing on lettuce leaves I think - and then gave me a box of chocolate caramels for Christmas?? WTF! :explode:
  • YorriaRaine
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    Most people have good intentions in my opinion, simply saying thank you and that you will think about it tends to get people off my back.

    I do however, have one friend who consistently is bugging me to go paleo, and while I have nothing against that diet (she has several reasons to be on it), there is no medical reason why I would need to and I know the chances of me being able to stick to it would be very little.

    In those situations where it constantly comes up, I just say I respect her diet choices but at this moment in my life its not for me.
  • Jestinia
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    I'd go look it up later in case the person is correct. If the advice is wrong, I'd corner the errant advice giver the next day and hand her a copy of an abstract or any other reputable evidence for her wrongheadedness. Hey, she asked for it!
  • I can relate this to my migraine problems. 3 years ago I started getting migraines about twice a week. You can imagine how much advice I got. I was polite about it and somehow stored it in my brain as nonsense at the time. Well.. as the years went on I continued to try every headache diet, acupuncture, testing blood sugar.. etc. I will have you know that I did remember people's advice as I was trying something new for migraines even tough it was a few years later. I know I just wasn't ready to hear it at the time.
    We're all on different paths. Who knows? Maybe one day you will need B12 for something… or not. Just store it as info and use it later when you need to.
  • megsmom2
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    Just smile and say.."hmmm, interesting...." and go on with what you were doing.
  • RllyGudTweetr
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    "I'll be sure to keep that in mind."
    *Proceed as if the unsolicited advice were never given*

    Opinions are like. . . something else that everyone has.
  • jynxxxed
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    I get this quite often. I just make a sarcastic comment like "I snort 4 lines of Sensa per day already, so I'll just put the crushed up B12 in there, thanks" or something similar. They'll usually try to give more advice/ask if you're serious and then you can just let them know you've got it under control, no advice necessary and proceed.

    I've tried to ignore and usually they take that as an invitation to continue. Making them feel as uncomfortable as you feel is key.