What's outside your gym?

I don't know about you guys but when I come out of my gym right in front is:

-Hungry Jacks
-Subway next door to Crossfit
-next door to gym is pizza shop.

As you leave and go around back there is another pizza shop! !

Seriously - wtf! I wonder if they see all those FF restaurants and say "THIS IS PREFECT! !"

I don't eat none of it. But for a person that ate that stuff everyday. It must be hard for them.


  • lisajuliette
    lisajuliette Posts: 124 Member
    I have a beautiful gym, surrounded by fields and a Forrest, closest "fast-food" place is Kauaii which only sells delicious healthy foods and shakes :) I'm very lucky. Closest junk food place is about 10km from the gym.
  • Tim horns cafe and bake shop (doughnuts etc)
    Popeyes fried chicken
    Buffalo Wild Wings
    Wine shop
    Carfagnas itLian restaurant
    Breakfast cafe
    Gigi's cupcakes

    Wow. Never thought about this. Funny juxtaposition
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,373 Member
    Haha... A supermarket, Five Guys, a Chinese buffet, a Mexican restaurant, a pizza place, Smoothie King, Burger King, Dunking Donut and Taco Bell.
  • lisaanne1369
    lisaanne1369 Posts: 377 Member
    captin D's deep fried fat!
  • randomtai
    randomtai Posts: 9,014 Member
    A taxi repair shop, a Best Buy and a bunch of nasty restaurants I pay no mind.
  • Three other gyms!
  • ronrstaats
    ronrstaats Posts: 294 Member
    In the front is Field... to the left as you walk out is a closed down amusement pool and a River... on the right is another field and behind it is park... The Rec Center/ Gym is kind of isolated...
  • mrsamanda86
    mrsamanda86 Posts: 869 Member
    Right next to it is a tanning salon, and then to the side is Home Depot, and the other side there is a shopping center.. I'm sure it has some food places but I've never gone in there.
  • tuckerrj
    tuckerrj Posts: 1,453 Member
    Steak n' Shake, Arby's, Little Caesar's, a chinese restaurant & a mexican restaurant, across the road is McDonald's.
  • TLwineguzzler
    TLwineguzzler Posts: 289 Member
    Two carpet shops, a Dunelm and a petrol station/car wash - no temptations!! :smile:
  • LishieFruit89
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    In the front is Field... to the left as you walk out is a closed down amusement pool and a River... on the right is another field and behind it is park... The Rec Center/ Gym is kind of isolated...

    Sounds like a horror movie waiting to happen!

    Outside of one of my gyms is:
    A Budget Truck rental
    Some shop dealing with kids - tutoring or behavioral management or something
    A large paving company
    Some other industrial type things
    Post office
    A hair salon or hair school
    (none of these things are open when I go so idgaf)

    My other gym:
    Gold selling place
    Walmart is close - same with Joann's Fabric, a Bon Ton (clothing store), a packey
    Massage place
    Car dealership
    Taco bell
  • ElusivePete
    ElusivePete Posts: 50 Member
    My gym is surrounded by playing fields, a university campus, and some residential buildings.

    The gym's windows are all heavily tinted though, so you can't really see any of it.
  • BOC57
    BOC57 Posts: 43 Member
    Walk out the front door and it's soccer field and track. To the right is a playground and to the left is the road. They do have a smoothie counter inside the gym but for the most part I try to stay away from there. Too much sugar. I'd rather come home and make my own smoothie!
  • geebusuk
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    Or... "What's outside your fast food joint" ;).

    All of those seem like places you could nicely stack up on some appropriate macros to fuel your body after a decent weights session!

    Current gym - at my own place.
    Previous ones I've spent any decent time at have been been in business parks, so boring office tech-company office blocks (convienent that I worked at one of them, not so good that the gym cost £72pm - probably because we also shared the park with the UK HQ for Microsoft and Oracle.)
  • Le_Joy
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    Mine is right next to a hotel (which is next to the river) and across from a closed car dealership. There is a drive thru coffee place and a strip mall (with a Mexican restaurant I think, but you only see the sign not it) diagonally across the corner. A few blocks down is a KFC and right after that Safeway and a bunch of fast food places, but none that you see right as you leave.
  • Cre8veLifeR
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    a nail salon, a nutrishop, a burger king, and the worst of all, RIGHT next door, is a Venezia's Pizza and it always smells soooooo good when I leave the gym!
  • Nouurann
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    Mines in a plaza right next to Abercrombie lol so if anything it's motivation :-P there's also a super market, a chilis, Starbucks, an ulta beauty in the same plaza.
  • matildamagic
    matildamagic Posts: 12 Member
    A HUUUUUUGGGGEEEE lorry with 'Sports Direct.com' printed across the side. Every now and then they drive it past the gym windows, and sometimes they attach a second 'Sports Direct.com' booth to the back just to make sure it's drilled into our brains hard enough! :grumble:

    And a big fish and chips sign, the sea, lots of joggers along the promenade, followed by the pier with lots of rides and doughnuts/chips/milkshakes/fast food kiosks!
  • Rainyday816
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    My gym is right next door to a frozen yogurt place, then a coffee shop, then a Chipotle. Not exactly healthy, but it could be worse. However, there's also a pizza place across the street, and another one around the corner, and a bagel shop a block away, and a diner down the block in both directions. Then again, I live in NYC, so I could basically be describing anywhere in the city. =P
  • VBnotbitter
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    My verandah and occasionally a possum