Please friend me if you have a public diary!

jenny8117 Posts: 18 Member
Hi guys,

One of the only things that works for me here is people who's food diaries I can look at and those who look at mine. There is no point for me of being on here if nobody holds me accountable and I cant help and give feedback to others. Im finding that about 4% of people have their diaries public, so friend me if you do :)


  • My food diary is public and I totally agree with being held accountable for what we eat! Adding you now! Feel free to add me everyone!
  • My diary is open to my friends and I would love some feedback and would be glad to give some in return. Sending you a request now :smile:
  • Kenazwa
    Kenazwa Posts: 278 Member
    My diary is open to friends (not the public), and I appreciate feedback.
  • pennynluce
    pennynluce Posts: 5 Member
    Sending some requests! :flowerforyou:
  • MrsSausage58
    MrsSausage58 Posts: 143 Member
    My diary is open to friends so feel free to add me!
  • My diary is open to friends !
  • AJLovinLife
    AJLovinLife Posts: 125 Member
    I sent a request to OP, anyone else want to friend me just send me a request. :) My diary is always open, helps keeps me accountable.
  • Mine is public, all are welcome to friend me :)
  • SF2514
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    Mine is public. Feel free to add me =). I always check before I like/comment on others as well!
  • RunWinterGarden
    RunWinterGarden Posts: 428 Member
    My diary is public, I don't always update it though (especially on the weekends), but you are free to friend me as I am getting better at it on a daily basis!
  • JG762
    JG762 Posts: 571 Member
    Mine is open, if you want some really boring reading have at it!
    I pretty much eat what I always did I just cut out Fast Food and began some portion control.

    I really don't understand the idea of keeping everything secret, hell it's only food! LoL
  • Cayjominara
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    Sign me up! Mine stays open and TRUST me, I get held accountable ALL THE TIME!! :glasses: I appreciate every time someone gives me some feedback or constructive criticism. I am trying to take my health to an extreme level. I depend on the advice and crtiques of my MFP buds to help me get there. Anyone else who wants GENUINE and REAL, hit me up!

  • MissLakeTime
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    I agree 100% with the open diary! It makes me feel held accountable for my actions!

    Anyone can friend me if they want.
  • palmerdanielle
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    Mine is open, feel free to add me!
  • AshTrixxy
    AshTrixxy Posts: 507 Member
    I'm starting my diary today. I intend for it to be open because I really do believe in accountability and community. :-)
  • cbroadberry
    cbroadberry Posts: 130 Member
    my diary is open.
    feel free to add :)
  • missie_515513
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    Hey!!! Mine is open to friends feel free to add me!!
  • ilmb87
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    Diary is open. :) Feel free to add.
  • tempehforever
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    Mine is public. I've only missed logging one day this month (yesterday). You can laugh at the weird stuff I eat. :)
  • LifeNewandImproved
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    Mine is public - I have added you all and anyone out there is free to do the same!