All Cereal Diet?



  • mixedlollies
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    I love that there are people taking this thread seriously.
  • TylerJ76
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    I love that there are people taking this thread seriously.

    It's a great diet..
  • mwooderson
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    I did it for dinner but ran into MAJOR trouble...first you add a sliced banana then a couple strawberries, of course one must have toast with cereal and toast gets topped with pb. Then when there is milk left in the bowl, which there always is, you should pour more cereal in the bowl to cover the deficit and of course you need a 2nd piece of toast and pb to go with the leftover milk cereal combo. Top all of that with a couple glasses of wine and the cereal diet could exceed 700+ calories per meal. Just saying... :)
  • iLoveMyAR15
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    cereal doesnt mix well with my raspberry ketones LMAO
  • JoRumbles
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    The university I work for (in the UK) evaluated the Kelloggs cereal diet where you have cereal for breakfast and one other meal. Proper meal at the other time of day.

    You "drop a jeans size"

    Its pretty similar to Slim Fast if you think about it.
  • IanBee93
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    I know someone who did she ate oatmeal..all flavors(instant) and lost alot of weight. As soon as she quit it all came rushing back and fast. NOT A GOOD IDEA!

    tha'ts probably because she started eating like a gluten once she stopped. which is why diets don't work
  • Fenrissa
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    You didn't specify the size of the bowl.

  • dumb_blondes_rock
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    I used to get stoned and eat bowls of I just get stoned and workout lol
  • dunnodunno
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    Ok I'll eat ice cream & cereal. Does that count?
  • ElizaB84
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    Considering what milk does to my insides, I'm sure id lose a ton of weight. But no one would ever see because id be in the bathroom all day haha
  • ChancyW
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    That sounds easy and tasty! Haha

    Too bad giving my body real nutrition actually matters to me... :ohwell: