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A few questions

deannasawyerdeannasawyer Member Posts: 25 Member Member Posts: 25 Member
So I'm 22, and I haven't done any kind of regular exercise since middle school gym class. I get in some exercise at work running around all day, but it's not constant. I'm kind of wimpy and I'm frustrated with my current level of physical ability, so I decided to start with the following workout on youtube:

So my questions:
-On the tracker, what on EARTH would I put this under for exercise?
-The cardio is really rough on me, so I had to take a minute break in the middle and drink something and breathe (my mouth was starting to taste like metal)
-While doing the second round of quick steps, my arches started to hurt like there was a rubber band being pulled -very- tight across them and was threatening to snap. Not wanting to injure myself, I stopped that exercise immediately and just waited for the next one. What on earth is causing this, and how can I fix it?
-Do I do this every day, or am I supposed to give my body a day's rest?

I suppose that's it for questions (aside from my neck hurts now, but I think that's because during the floor exercises I kind of have to crane my neck upward to see the screen to know if I'm supposed to be moving on yet). In before "Do this at a gym, NOT at home" I live in a very rural area where it's more than a half hour to the nearest store, so a gym is way out of the question.


  • Zomb1eMummyZomb1eMummy Member Posts: 108 Member Posts: 108
    I usually put that under Circuit Training- General and always give yourself a minimum of 1 days rest a week...if not more.
  • deannasawyerdeannasawyer Member Posts: 25 Member Member Posts: 25 Member
    Thank you. :) Should I give a day's rest between sessions, or just a day's rest in the middle of the week?
  • Bsking78Bsking78 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    The pain in your arch of feet could just be your shoes maybe some dr Scholes or chalkos would help.. I have had similar issues depending on the shoe
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