What kind of dog do you have?



  • chatogal
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    <~~~~here she is Cassie (my very own personal trainer!) beautiful yellow lab....who TALKS!!!! She also keeps me personnally accountable to an exercise regime... i.e. walking/hiking!!!
  • HealthyBodySickMind
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    A 5 y.o. Thai Ridgeback (Mischief BN) and a 3 y.o. mutt (Renegade) (best guess: Staffie, bull terrier, beagle... maybe also gsd)

  • We have 3 dogs. A 6 yr old Australian Cattle Dog (Moto), a 2 yr old Chinook (Remington) and a 1 yr old German Shepard (Kimber).

    My girl Remi and I


  • SCV34
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    We have one dog. Her name is Spice, she is a mix between Boxer(more) and Pit(less). She is quit beautiful and she will be 9 this Summer and still can run like no one's business. She is very gentle with little ones, but I always feel safe if I am home alone.
  • Predsfan2013
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    2: Lilly my 8year old jack Russell and Zoey my year and a half old mini doxie.
  • A border Collie and an Aussie. Son's dog is a blue heeler.
  • jeffsweightloss
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    I have a 4 yr old American Bulldog named Rocky. Of course, in his opinion he is a lap dog. In my opinion...not even close. lol
  • ErinMLB
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    Smooth coated Collie named Shelby who thinks she's a person. Wanting to get her a playmate in the not so distant future.
  • bikerbill74
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    Presently a Dachshund. Previously (in order): Basset Hound, Mutt, mini Poodle, mini Poodle #2, Std Poodle, & Gordon Setter. Loved them all!
  • airdale8263
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    8yr old Black Female Lab/mix....she has me trained well!! :laugh:
  • BamaBreezeNSaltAire
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    2 Border Collies
    Trigger and Spirit

    2 Angel furbabies
    Trooper - Chocolate Lab
    Heidi - Border Collie
  • Black and Tan Coonhound, and a Beagle
  • I've got 3 dogs:
    5 yr old Japanese Spitz named Soju
    8 yr old half Pitbull named Stuart
    6 yr old mixed breed ( i don't know exact breed) named Doodles
  • JnK619
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    I have a lab mix that is 2 years old. He was 1 of 11 in his litter that were rescued from a sewer. Wish I could find the @sshole that thru those puppie in the sewer. btw all 11 were adopted.

    His name is Doogie...kid named.
  • JaceyMarieS
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    i have a 12 year old Dane and just got a now 5 year old Labrador in November. I won't ever be without a dog!
  • dym123
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    My Milliegirl, a boxer mix, almost 10. ↓ Rescued from a hoarding situation and she is the most selfish dog....ever. I also foster, but I'm taking a brief hiatus.
  • Totally in love with my German Shepherd/husky mix.She is the only dog in the house. looks completely shepherd except for one blue eye.:love:
  • CynthiaElise
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    My lil babe is a Pug x Cocker Spaniel :) She goes by Hannah, Hambone, Monkeyface, Bean/Beaner, Girlie

  • snowflake954
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    Growing up on the farm we had a mixed breed, but he had alot of Bernese Mountain dog blood. He was intellegent, and the best dog I ever had.
  • CynthiaElise
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    This is Max. He is a Jack Russell X Corgi.


    I lurrrv Corgi's! Max is soo cute!