Beating The Odds...One Squat At A Time!



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    I am in awe and in tears reading this journey. Thank you for this amazing and inspiring post.
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    Absolutely amazing !!
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    I posted this thread months ago...and I cannot even BEGIN to describe my gratitude and love for every single person who has read my (very long) story and commented, messaged me, added me as a friend, etc. Above all, I am moved beyond words by other stories of people facing they're own "adventures". So many have written, saying that I have inspired them and encouraged them to get off the couch or that they've stopped complaining so much. I just want to say...YOU GUYS have inspired me more than anything else. A lot of people read my story, and they have visions of me wielding my sword of bravery...charging into the battlefield that is LIFE. In reality, I have a lot of "mopey" days. I have a lot of days where I choose to sit on the couch and read all day long instead of making myself do anything productive. In fact, I've had a huge backslide...and I've gained some weight back. I've never been so happy to have a "record" of how I felt when I wrote this. For once in my life...I'm inspiring myself. And more than that...I'm inspired by all of you who have reached out to me. People have shared my story...and more people have sent me friend requests with messages attached, or just sent me a regular message than I can count, telling me all kinds of stories of their own. I hope a lot of you read this...and please know something very important.

    YOU GUYS...inspire me every single day.

    Thank you. From the bottom of my heart! Love and hugs to all of you!
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    Your story is inspiring! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished :happy: God Bless You!
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    Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are an inspiration! Congratulations on your achivements so far
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    You are amazing...thank you for sharing your story! Heavy lifting has changed my life too! :-)
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    Amazing! :) Thank you for sharing with us all!
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    Thank you so much, everyone!! It truly means the world to me that so many people care!! :heart: :heart: :heart: