Anyone else...not a runner, hate gym?



  • MeanderingMammal
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    i prefer fun exercise like walking the dog, long boarding, rollerblading, hooping, climbing things, etc

    I think that was the originators point ;)

    Interesting how people have taken it though...
  • wild_wild_life
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    Awesome website, awesome message.

    I also prefer exercise be a byproduct of my daily activities. Plenty of those opportunities to go around too.
  • Harshberger24
    Hates running all my jiggly parts start flip flopping! Plus (sorry guys) no bra can hold me in, I've tried. I too am active, but want other ideas as well!
  • Xan46
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    I don't mind a regular brisk walk but because I'm not mad about exercise I've tried to make it varied and fun. I'm 65+ so I've bought a Wii and have chosen some of the sports that use various different parts of the body. Then I bought a few zumba type dvds that do 10 minute dance workouts. I choose something different every day, don't feel embarrassed if I have to stop and so it has become a fun time not a chore!!:smile: