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Dress Size does not = weight?



  • ohthatbambiohthatbambi Member Posts: 1,098 Member Member Posts: 1,098 Member
    Funny story:

    I went to Banana Republic with a friend and for the first time in years and years the clothes fit me. :smile:

    I was so excited...but when I tried on a size 14 (which was my normal size at the time) it was HUGE. :bigsmile: My freind brought me a 12 and to be funny (thanks a lot) also brought a 10. Well the 10 fit.

    I bought 6 pairs of pants that I HATED because they said size 10!!!

    Isnt that the stupidest thing you have ever heard?

    Anyone wanna buy 6 pairs of pants? :flowerforyou: I will sell them to you cheap.

    Arewethereyet, LOVE you quote in your sig line. We should make that our country's national MOTTO!!!!!!
  • GinaB30GinaB30 Member Posts: 725 Member Member Posts: 725 Member
    When I was 214 lbs (5'8) I was size 16
    Now I've lost 22 lbs and 16's still fit...14's
  • ShellyBeeShellyBee Member Posts: 117 Member Posts: 117
    I am currently a size 14 and I weight 180.0
    I have never gone over a size 16 even at my heaviest while pregnant at 230lbs.
    I am 5'3"
    Everyone carries their weight differently, so no you are completely normal...LOL
  • DjBliss05DjBliss05 Member Posts: 682 Member Posts: 682
    I am 5'7" and I weigh 225 right now. I am in a comfortable 18. I was in a tight 16 when I was 215. I would really love to get out of the plus size stores for good! I am hoping that by 200 I can be in a 14. Won't know until I get there, but that is the goal. Thanks for this thread. It was interesting!
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