How I lost 360lbs in 15 months - with photos



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    I'm speechless. You are just... strong. Really really Strong.
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    Absolutely amazing! You look more than great!
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    Gasped and immediately sobbed - out of happiness for you. You are both beautiful. I know your surgery will go fabulously. Here's to a world of opportunity and the rest of your happy life. And I hope it's with Jackie. You're truly phenomenal. This made my day and week. Now to go find more tissues.
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    My cousin used to be married to a girl named Jackie. She was and still is a 1,000% Grade A twitch.

    I would like to point out that you did ALL that work yourself. You were given a message that you could have heard anywhere. A number of people could have pointed out that way of thinking to you. Just so happened you were on a site where you happened to meet that person.

    I say this not to change your mind about your Jackie or to take anything away from you.

    I say it to give something to you.

    That ALL THAT WORK you did yourself with the right mentality. I'm glad you finally met IRL and she was to your liking. Relationships are fickle though and on the off chance that things don't stay on the trajectory they are on now with her I want things to stay on the trajectory they are on with YOU. I want it to be crystal CLEAR to you from this MOMENT on all the gumption, vision, work, sacrificing, abstaining, etc. etc. etc. Came from YOU. Y - O - U, YOU! And no one else. YOU are all you need to stay at maintenance. To come back here and logon when you see things getting wonky. When Jackie says another thing that this time doesn't motivate you but pisses you off. Even if you have fairy tale ending complete with wedding bells and a five star honeymoon, couples argue and you'll need more support than just ONE person.

    All I'm saying is don't hang your hat on a Jackie. Place it firmly on your own head.
  • There are not enough words to describe how inspirational I find your story. Keep it up, you are doing great! Thank you so much for sharing!
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    Completely speechless. That is amazing! Congrats!
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    This is one of the most inspiring things I've read in a very long time. You are so dedicated and hard-working. I'm wishing you a lifetime of joy and commitment to fitness.
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    Your story is truly amazing and inspiring. So many times you could have quit but you kept going. No words to describe the feeling I got when reading your story. Congratulations doesn't seem like enough.
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    This is outstanding. Congrats to you, and thank you for sharing.
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    This is the most amazing thing I've read in a long time. You're a true role model. I'm so impressed!
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    WOW. Well done!
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    This is the most interesting part for me:
    By this point, Jackie and I had grown to be very good friends. I was expecting sympathy from her, but what I got surprised me. She was angry with me. She told me that I was wasting my life and that I should be ashamed that I was throwing it away when there are so many people out there who are fighting to stay alive. Jackie, herself, has myotonic dystrophy and has to stay very healthy in order to keep her symptoms in check.

    It's natural for us to express sympathy but it was a kick that seemed to motivate you.

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    Well done, sir!
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    my jaw actually dropped looking at those pictures! What an amazing difference! *lost for words* Well done!
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    HOLY CRAP! Fab.
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    Amazing! well done! :)
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    You are simply amazing!
  • Absolutely amazing congratulations!!!
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    Absolutely inspirational.