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I need buddies who need to lose 50+ lbs



  • Added you! Im around the same weight and want to lose about 80lbs total.
  • wandadars
    wandadars Posts: 25 Member
    I'm working on losing 70lbs.

    Feel free to add me!
  • Benefitss
    I need to loose another 55+ but 55 is my next goal.
  • pedelz
    pedelz Posts: 4 Member
    i need to lose 55 lbs and im having a hard time aswell
  • missrenahope
    missrenahope Posts: 44 Member
    Add me people! I have lost 40 pounds and have 30 to go, I want some friends on here!
  • lynda3y9
    lynda3y9 Posts: 62 Member
    we have a group on facebook called Dangerous Curves Ahead and it is for woman looking to lose a significant amount of weight. it is a closed group.....feel free to request access to the group. we try to support each other and work through some of the issues we have. not sure this link will work so if not, just search. :-)
  • diva_vida
    diva_vida Posts: 5 Member
    Anyone can add me, I'm pretty active and have logged on for 70 days today. Unfortunately I have 78 more lbs to my goal!
  • ekd23
    ekd23 Posts: 89 Member
    Welcome to MFP! I'm about two weeks into my weight loss journey, but have only been on MFP for a few days. I'm looking to lose 50-60 lbs. Good luck! Friend request sent...and anyone feel free to add me also. :)
  • prairielilly
    prairielilly Posts: 13 Member
    Anyone can add me as well, I've got about 60 lbs to lose in total and have been back here for just a week :)
  • 1pandabear
    1pandabear Posts: 336 Member
    Xinggu sorry about your liver. I am sending a friend request. I have sixty pounds to lose, especially to lower my blood pressure. We can do this!
  • whiskeyandwine77
    Hi. I would love to add you! I am currently 216.3 (as of this morning) and I just started jogging this week. Best of luck to you on your journey! I know you can do it!!!!!
  • awiggin2010
    I would like to join. I have a lot to loose and am at my heaviest also. Down 14lbs and still going. Goal of losing about 140
  • ebeth_s
    ebeth_s Posts: 21 Member
    I sent you a request. I'm working on losing the 100 pounds that I gained 10 years ago during medical treatment with massive doses of prednisone. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in mid October, I started working on my weight. My doctor is working with me to the medical issues in check, and I'm working on the diet and exercise. I'm down from 254 to 219. In the short term, I want to get under 200 and have my blood sugar in check. In the long term, I hope to be to my original pre-illness weight of 150. I'll take any other friends!
  • corsiva
    corsiva Posts: 33 Member
    I've got at least 55 to lose. Anyone can add me! I have an open diary and try to be as encouraging and motivating as I can. :)
  • drlewando
    drlewando Posts: 12 Member
    I do believe the way to tackle losing more than 50 pounds is to only think in units of 10. If I focus on 50+, I am paralyzed.
    If I think terms of 10,,,my perspective changes. I can do it!!!
  • 3U3Mommy
    Would love to be friends with everyone! The more accountability, motivation, and support the better! I'm looking to lose 50-60 lbs...
  • madisonsmith1297
    Anyone can add me :). I started at 320 and now I am down to 274.2. Its daunting some days to think that I am only one third of the way there, but I feel so much better that I usually don't get too worried about it. My ultimate goal weight as of right now would be somewhere between 160-180. Lets all do this :).
  • xingu564
    xingu564 Posts: 9 Member
    Wow i can see you have lost a lot! Great job =)
  • xingu564
    xingu564 Posts: 9 Member
    I'm wporking on losing a total of 108 pounds, but know i need to lose about 15 more than that total! Helps to have MFP friends to share motivation and successes, as well as building up a bad time. Feel free to add me, we are all in this together!

    And i am sure we can accomplish it motivating one another!
  • katsmeow42404
    I started at 237 and i need to loose at least 50.