Looking for some Canadian friends !



  • Urban_Princess
    Urban_Princess Posts: 219 Member
    I'm Canadian from Toronto now living in SW Ontario! Everyone, feel free to add me!

    So how's that polar vortex working out for everyone?
  • stacerracer
    stacerracer Posts: 77 Member
    hello my fellow Canadians!!!!! !
    i live in Ontario.
    feel free to add me!!!!!!
  • Kaylaef
    Kaylaef Posts: 194 Member
    Hamilton Ontario here :) Also would like some Canadian friends
  • AliceJeanie
    AliceJeanie Posts: 200 Member
    Freezing here in Regina SK! :)
  • Wiltord1982
    Wiltord1982 Posts: 310 Member
    From Montreal, Québec here ^_^

  • cm246
    cm246 Posts: 12
    Feel free to add me, Vancouver Island!
  • jillyber
    jillyber Posts: 19 Member
    Proud Canadian from Toronto! Feel free to add me!
  • lore2810
    lore2810 Posts: 57 Member
    Calgary :)
  • michellewelch2010
    michellewelch2010 Posts: 147 Member
    From North-Western Ontario...
  • Shelley6591
    Shelley6591 Posts: 156 Member
    Nova Scotia :drinker:
  • michellewelch2010
    michellewelch2010 Posts: 147 Member
    HI ... I'm from northern MN, only an hour & a half from the border. Everybody says we talk like Canadians :) do I qualify? HA !! just kidding. I'm giving you a bad time. good luck! BUT they really do say that.

    Lol, you guys sound more Canadian than say a Texan, but still not quite Canadian. :P
  • mommyhof3
    mommyhof3 Posts: 551 Member
    I'm from Alberta and I always welcome new active friends :smile:
  • ils_1231
    ils_1231 Posts: 249 Member
    I'm in Toronto and 26!
  • therealblackdahlia
    therealblackdahlia Posts: 3,110 Member
    Fellow Canadian here, feel free to add me!
    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,486 Member
    I am a crazy canuck, only add me if you are wild and crazy and live for the moment!
  • rayzerwolf
    rayzerwolf Posts: 203 Member
    Right on, hows is going eh? lol 23 kamloops, BC feel free to add me.
  • KristinKory
    KristinKory Posts: 91 Member
    Hey there...from Ontario too. Friend request sent. :smile:
  • ShayShayFletch
    ShayShayFletch Posts: 89 Member
    I am Canadian to living in Ontario originally from Nova Scotia., I have added you as well. Also anyone who would like more fitness pals please do add me!

    :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
  • susanmarlee1
    susanmarlee1 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi everyone I'm from PEI add me if you like
  • melluc2
    melluc2 Posts: 92 Member
    I'm 25 and I live in lovely Nova Scotia. Feel free to add me too! I'm into running and weight lifting - so motivation and advice on those things would be awesome. :) And, I can give advice on some of the things I've learned over time.