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ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR !!! Even the picky hubby and grandson LOVE THIS! :bigsmile:

Almond Butter Cookies

1 cup almond butter (I used 1/2 raw and 1/2 roasted)
3 Tbs honey
10 drops liquid Stevia
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp sea salt (I used 1/4)
2 oz dark choc

Preheat to 350. Mix everything except the chocolate by hand. After everything is mixed well, add chocolate chips (or chunks) last. Fear NOT-- It looks like a blob of oily mess. I could not fathom that it would look ANYTHING like a cookie so I only made one blob first. I used a little over a Tbs to measure the cookie dough and ended up with 21 big cookies..

Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes until beginning to brown around bottom and edges. My oven cooks fast so 10 minutes was perfect for me. Let sit on the cookie sheet for 10 minutes, then move to rack.

When I took that first TRIAL COOKIE out of the oven, I could NOT believe my eyes. The oily blob that went in the oven came out looking prettier than a Tollhouse Cookie! Hubby, Grandson, and I devoured it and rather impatiently waited for the full batch to cook! They are actually better than the Tollhouse Cookie. I am dreaming of all kinds of ways to change this up......raisins/nuts, coconut, etc.

The STATS ? calories 95, carbs 6 g, fiber 2 g, fat 7 g, protein 3 g :smooched:

Not bad for a CHUNK of HEAVEN ! Low-Carbers Rejoice !!! and the cookie is big enough that one really hits the spot. As good as they were, I resisted a second. I'll save it for tomorrow!

Enjoy! If you try out other variations, please SHARE !

This is the first LOW-CARB cookie recipe that I didn't have to dump in the trashcan. And it was absolutely the easiest! I didn't have to dirty a mixer. Just one bowl and a spoon does the trick and it is easy enough for the NON-bakers (which includes me).