Shirataki Pad Thai (375 calories for 1.75lbs of food?!)



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    Made it again today, put a whole can of bean sprouts in when sautéing onions. Good extra fiber/more volume for minuscule calories. Adding that to my recipie!
    explain dry fry? I'm kitchen challenged. :-)

    I put them in the pan, with no oil or anything. Just the noodles. They will be wet/slimey originally, but let them "fry" for a few minutes and they will be drier to touch.
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    I picked up the noodles yesterday, but the scare me. They look so gross in the package!!

    They don't smell great when you open the package but that goes away when you rinse and cook them!
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    Is this okay on the Low Fodmap diet?

    No, it's got broccoli in it. And Splenda

    There's a diet that bans broccoli? Why in the world?
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    YUM - love these noodles. thanks!!
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    Is this okay on the Low Fodmap diet?

    No, it's got broccoli in it. And Splenda

    There's a diet that bans broccoli? Why in the world?

    It doesn't 'ban' it but the low FODMAP diet is developed as an elimination diet do help people with IBS to determine what foods give them symptoms. Broccoli and a bunch of other fruits and vegetables (unfortunately) contain short chain carbohydrates that people with IBS find particularly difficult to digest. Eating these foods causes symptoms, so if you are following a diet to try to avoid IBS symptoms then broccoli is likely to be something you can't eat.
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    I have found that the noodles taste even better the next day. Just my opinion. :flowerforyou:
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    Bump! I think this may be supper tonight!
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    bump, not sure about the noodles but I think I will give it a try, thanks
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    Reporting back: bought the noodles and OMG they are excellent. I made Pad Thai last night for dinner and they were a big hit! Thanks for the hookup, OP!
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    OP, you are a messenger from the heavens.
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    I so wanna try this!!!
  • bump!
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    just ordered the noodles- can't wait to try it- thanks!
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    These noodles are an answer to a pasta lovers dream. Make sure you rinse them well, then dry them with a paper towel really well. I use a hot cast iron frying pan and get it hot , then throw them in... They bounce around the pan and dry out a little so they aren't slimy, then I take them out, and proceed with how I am going to use them...

    Sometimes I use pasta sauce, with and without meat, turkey (meatballs), etc.

    Sometimes I chop veggies (I use broccoli, onions, carrots, celery, bok choy, peppers, peapods, zucchini etc) and cook them in the pan with some cooking spray or a little water, then I add my spices...

    Sometimes I add in a half cup of water, and a couple of packets of Herb Ox Sodium Free chicken or beef bouillon granules to flavor up everything. (They have no salt and are a good salt free base for soups, rice, stir fries etc... You can find the boxes, (I think beef is a red box ,and the chicken is a green box), in where the bouillon cubes and dry soup mixes are, or just ask a clerk. Every major grocery store has them and they are great)

    Sometimes I add garlic and onion powder... Sometimes I add to that red pepper flakes, sriracha or cayenne, for a little heat... I add salt and pepper, to taste, and then add in the noodles in and stir well...

    You can add in low sodium soy sauce, or any other sauces you like...

    You can add in beef, chicken, shrimp, other seafood, pork etc. Make it your own with the ingredients you like...

    Then your ready to plate and enjoy!

    Most large grocery stores have the noodles too... They are found where the soy meat products, won ton wrappers, and tofu are found... The brand name I use is Shirataki... They are tofu noodes... I love them!!!

    Here's another post on the noodles...

    Don't forget to check out under recipes for more recipes using them!
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    I love shirataki... but not for some diet thing, but just because it's really yummy in hotpot!
    This sorcery of calling it some low cal magic is so interesting.. it's on of my (Japanese) boyfriend's favourite things!

    You guys should try out Konnyaku as well - it's made of the same stuff as shirataki noodles (devils root) but is in a kid of cube form... really nice when cooked slowly in oden (type of hot pot) with cabbage and other veggies :)
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    going to try this.