C25K success stories? I want to see your pictures!



  • mel_2812
    mel_2812 Posts: 66 Member
    Wow, congrats to you wistera!!! You look fabulous! :)
  • Esme35
    Esme35 Posts: 11
    Well done to those that have had great success with weight loss and C25k!! It's not just how you look as well, you are certainly much fitter and healthier too!

    I completed C25K 2 weeks ago and finished it with a 5K run for Cancer Research, I finished in 33 min and 25secs, was really pleased. I haven't lost much weight yet :-( but that's my fault as I am not really being strict with my eating habits .......

    I am now on week 1 of 5 to 10k and hoping I can get up to 10k :-)
  • pianolover2012
    pianolover2012 Posts: 168 Member
    getting through a running program was the best thing i ever did in my whole life! I did my own modified version of c25K cause i was too cheap to pay for the app. I pushed myself each day, and it took me 14 weeks start to finish. there were days my feet were so sore i could barely walk, but i pushed on. stick with it, go at your own pace and push yourself a little each day. Running 5K is a physically easy task on our bodies, even with extra weight. I started at 235lbs and I was 185 when i ran my first 5K. Unless you have a medical reason, any hangups you have are all in yoru head. Push on and keep running.


    The app is free! :)
  • pianolover2012
    pianolover2012 Posts: 168 Member
    I am at the end of week 5 and unless there is an injury,don't bother repeating.
    It's supposed to be a challenge.As you challenge your body,you will be able to take it farther each week.
    I have done the program before.The best advice is good foot wear and run slow..as slow as you can and you will get through it.It's not a speed workout it's a teaching you to run program,speed can be worked out once you get past the program.
    Good luck..I have lots more to lose than you so if I can do it,you will be fine.
    There is also a great support group here for c25k.

    I totally agree. I am on week 6 and could really "redo" week 5, but I refuse to- I need the push. Once I complete the program, I plan on working on speed and distance.
  • drenergy
    drenergy Posts: 112 Member
    I started couch to 5k in August 2011. I found that I could get through most weeks without repeating, and ran about every other day. I was eating really fatty foods and beer all the time, so I lost a couple pounds off the bat, and then stayed the same. I thought I was mostly eating healthy because I ate alright during the week, but I had no idea that my tracking was way off (I never figured out what an ounce of cheese looked like, for instance) and I totally tanked my week by overeating on the weekends.

    I did my first 5k a couple months later at the end of October. It was tough and I didn't think I'd be able to run the whole time, but I did! I was so nervous. I couldn't barely sleep the night before. Once I did it, I thought, "That wasn't so bad!" And I celebrated with hotdogs. Sigh.

    The next month I did a 5 mile Turkey Trot run for Thanksgiving! I even ran the whole time for that, and that was the farthest I'd run ever! Then I ate tons of food. Sigh.

    THEN! Then I decided that if I could do 5 miles, I could go even farther. I wanted to sign up for a 10 mile run, but couldn't find one, so I settled on a half marathon and just said that I would walk some if I needed to. No need to stress so long as it kept me motivated to run for the winter.

    I didn't follow a half marathon plan because I didn't know there was such a thing. I didn't get fit for good shoes because I was broke. I got a cold right before the race and felt AWFUL. But I showed up on race day and ran it anyway, even though I felt like the worst hot mess ever. I did it! And then I ate a ton of food. Ahem.

    So over the next year, I ran half marathons. My second one I beat my first time by 15 minutes, and then my 3rd one (still my PR) beat that by another 12 minutes. I made a lot of runner friends, I started working part-time at a running store, and eventually I moved back to my home state. That did a lot to change my habits and make me take a hard look at what I'd been doing wrong.

    In the midst of training for a string of half marathons in 2013, I really started logging. I made meals on Sunday, I learned portion sizes and a lot more about calories. I forced myself to eat breakfast every day (a lifelong bad habit of mine: not eating breakfast) and I learned strength training and weight lifting with a friend. I kept up my running schedule, netted about 1200-1400 calories per day with frequent exercise (in other words, I might eat 1800 calories, but I'd run 5 miles, which reduced that by about 500 calories--I don't do what some people do and only eat 1200 calories of food PLUS exercise).

    I filled my diet with fresh veggies, fruits, lean protein, light cheese, and all sorts of amazing food. I told myself I could only eat out once, on Friday, and have one beer with dinner. I made better choices, spread my meals out into smaller ones throughout the day, and just kept at it. I would usually only lose about 2.5 pounds per month, but I figured there's no rush and I didn't want to sabotage myself by trying to lose too fast.

    And in the middle of those half marathons this spring, I decided I could probably run a full marathon, or at least I could try. So I signed up for one, found a training plan, stuck to it pretty well, and did lots of cross training. My husband and I bought a house in a city, so I can bike to work, too. I had some injuries (not related to running, but I had to sit out a couple weeks) and had to flex a couple times around vacations or obligations, but I got my miles in. And last Sunday I finished my first full marathon! WOO!

    Since pics were requested, these are mine ;)


    from top left:

    Not running - over 160 lbs (didn't own a scale)
    Just starting C25K and ran my first 5k
    Eating salad at a party, half marathon training
    One of many half marathons, still over 150
    Bottom is when I started logging weekends and stopped eating wings and fries all the time. haha Down to 131 and my doctor told me to stop losing, so what you see in the bottom right two pics is where I'm at now. Yay!
  • mel_2812
    mel_2812 Posts: 66 Member
    Woo! You look great drenergy! :)

    Well, I managed to get to week 7.
    I got a personal trainer at the gym and C25K is not part of my new program...My trainer is more focusing on strength training...so I do 45 minutes of strength training and 45 minutes of moderate cardio (need to keep my heart rate at 160 / minute for the complete 45 minutes)...what I now do is 15 minutes of stair master (great for the legs, but I hate this machine lol), 10 minutes of elliptical machine and 15-20 minutes of running on the treadmill...I am very slow at running since my heart rate is going up very fast but I can jog the whole 20 minutes without stopping and pretty sure I could do more and more. I am guessing that I will become faster when I am lighter.

    I'm not losing as much as I was hoping for, but I'm sure I am adding some muscles somewhere...I can definitely see that my legs are changing...pretty neat! Went from 183 (July 15 2013) to 174 as of this morning.
  • Play_outside
    Play_outside Posts: 528 Member
    Nice progress on making it to week 7! Must feel great to see how far you've come with it! I have done Couch to 5K and also the Bridge to 10K program. I was running around 8km "comfortably" then got out of the running habit, and now the last year I have been riddled with injuries (not running related) so I'm slowly getting back into it. I do a modified version of it because I find most of the walking times are too long for me, and I use the Runkeeper app so I have the intervals programmed in to "repeat until I stop my activity" so I can go as long as I like and still track it. The running programs are great to get into running the first time (or again later in life or post injury). I used to run 10k a few times a week in my teens and I hope to get back up to that by the end of winter, and owrk my way up to a marathon eventually! :)
  • NewLIFEstyle4ME
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    I have almost 60 lbs to lose *sigh*.
    I restarted to log my food this week, once more.
    I am at the first week of the C25K program and I find it very difficult, out of breathe, etc...I'm exhausted by the time I finish...In addition, I do elliptical for 30 minutes and strength training for another 30 minutes.
    I go to the gym every other day since January 2013...have not seen any changes, and gained around 5 lbs. So I know that food is the problem.

    I switched my 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill for the C25K program.
    So I'm curious to see if the C25K worked for you and if it will get better with time...If I find it hard on week 1, I can't imagine on week 6-7 :(

    Any stories/pictures to share with me?


    Today is my 2nd day doing it (well...almost doing it, because I didn't finish it) and it is REALLY hard for me so far. I was going to try to do this everyday, but I'm going to do it just 3 days per week until I can work my way up to it. I'd LOVE to hear more success stories with this too!
  • I just completed week 5 yesterday and moving onto week 6 . I am signed up for two 5ks this year and I will run them unlike my previous races where I've walked / run. From there I will go to C210K training for a race I am registered for in September, I registered early to be sure I will train ! anyone please feel free to add me, can use all motivation !!!

    Here's a link of a few pictures after about 30 lbs lost
  • ReneeDawalga5100
    ReneeDawalga5100 Posts: 177 Member
  • harksy
    harksy Posts: 239 Member

    Started C25k 2nd week in Jan ran 5.4mile on Monday 3rd March!
  • Pinko68
    Pinko68 Posts: 2 Member
    Thanks Guys....

    Been feeling fed up...ran W5R3 last week a full 20 minute of running (which means running as slow as I possibly can but keep going) then W6R1 on Friday..am loving the C25K but haven't been losing any weight so feeling very disheartened..even though I've loved the C25K programme. I've been doing Circuits, Aerobics and a Kettlersize class on the days I don't run then one day off. Been watching my diet but nothing.

    So been searching for some motivation pictures and now feel motivated. Have logged my food again today - for the first time in a week and whilst I'm over my calories (told you I was fed up) I feel back on track and looking forward to that run again...and hopefully losing the 28lbs ish I need to get rid of.

    Well done and thank you all so much.
  • juliefiland
    juliefiland Posts: 1 Member
    I am currently on week 9 of c25k and I never thought I'd make it there and dare I say I'm starting to like it. I have NEVER been a runner. In fact I always tried to be "sick" to get out of the mile run in H.S. I started this venture at 225 lbs and have recently broken into the 100s. I run as slow as I need to (11-12 min miles). I wanted to quit several time but pride kept me going. I had told too many people that I was going to finish this. Most importantly I want to do it to show my kids that mom is tough, strong , and persistent. It does get easier and even somewhat enjoyable.
  • kingscrown
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    My suggestion based on my experience take it to the ground right from the start. I did 4 weeks on the treadmill then thought Oh I can run now. Mapped out a 5K in my neighborhood. Nope way harder on the ground. I spent the next 4 weeks learning to run on the ground. Yikes! I did improve my 5k from 49 minutes to 39 and that felt good. BUT I started having a hip problem from unevenly trained muscles. I don't know what that means exactly just what the physical therapist said. Gave me exercises for my gluteus medias and after 6 months I finally got rid of that pain. Now on to the next. I just love being an athlete.
  • glenelliott5872
    glenelliott5872 Posts: 150 Member
    Finished C25K over 6 weeks ago. week 5 was the worst for me when you first start to run constantly for 20 minutes. Have since run 10k dressed as a fairtrade banana for Sport relief and I am doing a 100 mile bike ride for Marie Curie in 2 and a half weeks.

    My advice would be to ensure you rest between runs and don't worry if you have to repeat a week.
  • Goal179
    Goal179 Posts: 314 Member
    This is an old thread but thanks to everyone for the comments. This really motivated me to keep going with C25K:drinker:
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