LADIES: What will be your NSV of "OH GOD IT FITS" ?

C'mon, there has to be a piece of clothing that no longer fits, and you'll be BALLISTIC when it does.

For me it'll be my junior prom dress and senior ball dress.


  • shaybuggie
    shaybuggie Posts: 162 Member
    I just bought a new outfit from JCP a few weeks ago that I thought I could fit, but realized I couldn't. It's not "horrible" tight, but I wouldn't feel right squeezing into it. So my current "Oh God it Fits" goal is to be able to fit into that by next Thursday.
  • sianquin
    sianquin Posts: 86 Member
    I have a lovely maxi dress that I could just about get into last year with help from my husband. My aim is for the zip to slide up nice and easy this year :) So mine will be when I can actually get it on all by myself.
  • chunkybun
    chunkybun Posts: 180 Member
    I have this awesome little sweater dress. I thought it looked ok in the store, brought it home and said, "dear Lord, no. I can not go out in public in this." The day I can put it on and actually walk out the door will be a huge win.
  • happysherri
    happysherri Posts: 1,360 Member
    I surpassed my goal and had to buy new clothes and now those are kinda baggy. So, I really don't have any clothing that is too small. ............HOWEVER, instead of losing any more weight I am focusing on muscle tone so that I can look good in a bikini for summer! <<<<Great Excuse to shop
  • Kenazwa
    Kenazwa Posts: 278 Member
    The teal dress that I wore to my daughter's wedding with compressive underwear. I can't wait until it fits and looks good without the out-of-sight compression!
  • SillaWinchester
    SillaWinchester Posts: 363 Member
    The button up shirts and summer dresses I bought on a whim that are too small and accentuate my flabby arms. Can't wait till I can feel confident while wearing those pieces!
  • 1princesswarrior
    1princesswarrior Posts: 1,242 Member
    Just for kicks I put on a purple pair of sweat pants a couple of weeks ago that were a goal pair of sweat pants and they actually fit. Yay! Next goal, a size medium petite shirt.
  • A little black dress I bought to wear on a cruise 10 years ago. I'm not the "selfie" type, but when I get into that dress there will be photos. :glasses:
  • emmy3111
    emmy3111 Posts: 486 Member
    I have some Silver jeans that I cannot wait to get back into... my favourite pair of jeans, ever.

    Also... my dress for my wedding this August - my main motivation for losing weight right now :)
  • Adc7225
    Adc7225 Posts: 1,319 Member
    I recently bought a knit dress after trying on in the store with the evil skinny mirrors only to get home and wonder what was I thinking, I really like the dress but wonder if I will actually get into and really be able to wear it before it's too warm to wear, it would be sort of nice for it to be a little lose :wink:
  • brittk2013
    brittk2013 Posts: 141 Member
    I would love to be able to wear all the adorable sundresses I have again. Right now, they're all still a bit too tight for me to feel comfortable wearing them in public.
  • aribugg
    aribugg Posts: 164 Member
    pretty much any pants size ten lol. and i have this wonderful black dress with a pink ribbon i adore, but the ribbon is right under the breasts, so it makes me look pregnant -_-
  • sigsiddy
    sigsiddy Posts: 21 Member
    All of my old jeans. I miss them sooooooooooo!
  • He1loKitty
    He1loKitty Posts: 212 Member
    My size 10 shorts! They were baggy on me three years ago and now I can't even zip them up! My goal is to be back in them by memorial day weekend!
  • stephyy4632
    stephyy4632 Posts: 1,046 Member
    well it dose fit but I`m not super happy with how it looks on just yet (very close though) the two piece swim suit that is shown in my ticker below
  • I have a bag of Size 12 jeans. From the time I was thinnest in my Adulthood. When I slip into a pair of those I'm going to FREAK OUT.
  • deannasueknutson
    deannasueknutson Posts: 38 Member
    This one shirt that I kind of looked like a corset but isn't. It is just a different kind of shirt. I got it almost 5 years ago. I wore it that summer and after that I couldn't fit into it anymore. I have always kept it in hope that I could fit it again. :-)
  • aquarabbit
    aquarabbit Posts: 1,623 Member
    My blue sequined skirt. I used to wear it out all the time but not now. I can't wait until I can zip it up! I had half a NSV when I could pull it up over my butt, but that zipper isn't going anywhere for a bit. But I'll get there!
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    I don't have any old articles of clothing that do not fit me, because I have not been my current weight since I was 15 and in junior high (22 years ago). I didn't hang on to anything from that time except for a few Cure and Pixies t-shirts, which were big enough that I could wear them even when I was much, much larger. And I lost those in an EF-5 tornado a few years ago :-(

    Last summer I bought a denim dress in size 16 that was very fitted and unforgiving (no stretch etc). I could barely get it onto my body, even though I was a size 18 at the time and thought it might work. It only cost $1, even though it is a very nicely made dress. I called it my "goal dress" and decided that when it fit me perfectly I would consider going into maintenance.

    I tried it on last week and it fit, with no clinging even on the hips or belly (my largest areas). But it looked pretty terrible to be honest! It was saggy & baggy everywhere else and it's gonna be donated. I'm also nowhere near maintenance.

    My biggest wow moments so far have been going to Victoria's Secret and getting new panties and accidentally buying two pairs of Mediums and they fit better than the Large. That kind of blew my mind (after 20 years of Lane Bryant undies only). Same with ordering juniors skinny jeans in 13 and 15 and being able to wear them. Just seems impossible to me still!
  • SezxyStef
    SezxyStef Posts: 15,270 Member
    I got into my 25 year old prom dress...fits like a glove...

    Note to that tho..I weighed about 20lb less in Grade twelve...Yah for weight lifting.