1000 days, 130+ pounds lost (w/ too many pics!)



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    Happy 1000th day to you!!! Congrats on all that you have accomplished!!! You are an inspiration!!
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    Truly inspiring!
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    This is the best thing I have read in a long time!
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    Amazing transformation. You have worked hard and it shows!
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    Beautiful!!!! Your story gave me goosebumps! Congratulations on your journey so far....thank you for sharing!
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    Wow! Truly motivating! thank you so much for sharing! I had 90 lbs to lose to start with so the mountain seemed HUGE when I started. But I keep chipping away and the mountain is getting smaller every day. I love how you said there is no end date because it will be my focus for the rest of my life. It is truly a lifestyle change. Thanks again for sharing! I cant wait to tell my story someday!
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    I'm at the beginning of your same journey. I'm looking forward to joining you someday soonish and attainable. Thank you so much for posting!
  • What can I say that the others have not already said? I am in awe of you. I have not posted or even asked for friends since I joined MFP but I just had to say what an awesome story and an unbelievable inspiration you are to all of us! I have found myself slipping back into my old habits and not trying so hard in the last couple of weeks to the point of giving up but something told me to log in today and there was your story highlighted. I am so glad I clicked on your story. You have given me renewed hope and inspiration and the "want to" to keep trying. Your success story is truly the "story of all inspirational stories" on MFP. Thank you so very much for inspiring all of us! You should be very proud!
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    Congratulations on a wonderful success. You are an inspiration to everyone.
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    Ah, how refreshing! That's for that wonderful post.
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    What an amazing story! Very inspirational! Congratulations on your success & thanks for sharing! here's a :flowerforyou: for awsome work
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    Definitely amazing and you look so good. You really make me feel like I can do it to by setting goals I can realistically commit to. Thanks for sharing.
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    I think this is legitimately one of the best success stories I've read in awhile. It's inspiring, real & honest. And so very well written. Thank you for posting this and including us in your ever continuing journey. Keep up the absolutely stunning progress!!! :flowerforyou:
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    You rock!! Thanks for sharing this.
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    Read the whole thing. Love love love. These two comments really got my attention.
    Oh and today's selfie taken just for me. :wink:
    I made better food choices. I kept cooking amazing meals, but I ate proper portions, cut unnecessary calories, and upped my vegetables. I learned a lot - how important it is for me to pre-log my food, that a bad donut/French fry/cookie is seldom worth it, but a GREAT one usually is, that a food scale to weigh portions means less peanut butter than I thought but more chocolate chips.
    Now, when I look back, I realize weight loss wasn't actually the goal. It was just the side-effect of a series of changes, big and small, that allow me to live my life to the fullest. I didn't struggle to lose 130+ pounds. Instead, I committed to choices that simply wouldn't support 308.5 pounds. My life doesn't have room for that weight anymore. It can’t hold me back. There are adventures to be had.
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    Amazing! And so inspiring!!
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    Terrific accomplishment !!!
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    You look great!!! And love your inspiring story!
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    Congratulations on all that you've done.

    I bookmarked this post. There's a lot you said that got me thinking. This is inspirational to me. I truly needed to see this today.
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    Good Job! Congrats!!!