27 years old ---------> 300 pounds :'-(



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    you did not fail!,,in fact,I would call REALIZING and STARTING a WIN!
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    I'm 28 and started at 317.... I am down to 306 right now, in just under 2 weeks. I know how you feel. I've been there most of my life.
  • You can do anything you wish to do because you can lose weight and be as happy and as fit as you have wanted to be, no more saying and more doing :) and Congrats :)
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    I am morbidly obese.

    That is so hard to type.....but I need to realize that. I can't pretend that I'm okay or that I'm healthy because I. AM. NOT.

    On the way home from our friend's house yesterday, my husband and I were talking about losing weight together and it was a pretty normal conversation...

    Me: "We need to lose weight. "
    Hubby: "Ya. I am going to cut out sugar and start going to the gym next week."
    Me: "I need to stop eating fast food and cut down my portions."

    Blah blah blah.....The same conversation we have had over and over again with the same results - nothing.

    But then the bomb dropped. He said something he's never said to me before...

    "I'm obese, but you're the type of obese that people die from"

    He grabbed my hand and I realized, for the first time, that he was really concerned about me and my being around.

    For years, I avoided those fears....I wouldn't voice them...I wouldn't even think them, but now, my amazing husband said those words that I needed to hear.

    As soon as we got home last night, I made an account and today I logged my food. I went over my calories...did I fail? Maybe to some, but I measured my food today and I ate less - a lot less - than I normally would, so I'm proud of myself.

    I would love some support and motivation through this journey...I need to lose more than half of me! It's scary, but it beats the alternative - dying.

    Admitting there is a problem is the first step to fixing it. My wife and I danced around losing weight for a long time. We made excuses, or just buried it so far that we didnt think about it. The first week or two, in my opinion, is the absolute hardest. There is a saying that "3 weeks makes a habit" and, as someone who is now two months in and having great success, this is SO TRUE. When I started, I wanted EVERYTHING I couldn't have, because they had become staples of my diet. If you can just stay SUPER strong for the first few weeks, then I promise you, it will get MUCH easier.

    I messed up the other night and had an eating binge. Now, keep in mind, this is like a month and a half in. I felt guilty as hell, and I beat myself up about it. Guess what I ate....

    Celery and a measured amount of all natural peanut butter.

    Never, in my WILDEST dreams, would I have thought I would have felt GUILTY about eating something that, as I started my first week of clean eating, I would have classified as a great, healthy snack. That's just a testament to how your mindset changes.

    Another thing that you HAVE to do is start INVESTING in your health. My wife and I would buy unhealthy, cheaper foods at the grocery store to save a dollar here and there. Since the change, our grocery bills have gone up quite a bit and our "fun money" has dwindled because we are investing it elsewhere. This sounds like it sucks, less money to do fun stuff, but I'll be the first to tell you that eating healthy and feeling great all the time beats ANY night out. We had to pitch out ANY food in our house that was not healthy, we had to remove ALL temptation from our home. It's hard at first, I love firearms, computers, and gadgets, but I came to a realization. I love myself more.

    The overall number you want to reach, your final goal weight, may seem like it's in another galaxy. It's very important to keep that number in mind, yes, but make sure to set small milestones. Think of it like celebrating each "planet" you pass on the way to that new galaxy that will be your fit self. First five pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 30 pounds, all these little things serve to motivate and gratify you. Start small! Can you believe you're around 10 years out of high school? Time flies, doesnt it? Doesn't it feel like 2012 was just yesterday, and 2013 was a blink? Small changes, small losses, they add up BIG over time. Now that we have referenced just how much time flies losing however much you want to lose doesn't seem too crazy, does it?

    I was eating 5000-6000 calories a day before I started tracking my consumption. Just moving down to the amount MFP recommends, or even close to it, was a HUGE change in my eating habits.

    Remember, this is about your HEALTH. DO it for you and your future.
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    hi babe
    2 months ago, I was over 300, didn't know anyone with a scale really to really know how much I weighed.
    Finally started a daily cardio routine n a stationary bike that could handle my weight.

    Now,my weight is under 300... got a reading at 294.6, getting a new bike at 250, I ran 1200 miles on it, Its resistance is now damaged or I must have gotten much more leg muscles to beat it.

    I stopped smoking and broke an ankle so my weight went way high.

    I aimed at a lifestyle change. I'm only starting
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    Feel free to add me. I have been there too!:flowerforyou:
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    You know it takes courage for a person to take the step into a healthier you! I congratulate you for that. In order to be successful in this journey you have to commit to yourself to do it. I know you are motivated by your family and wanting to be there for them but the real commitment comes from YOU wanting to do it :). The first step is to say you can because trust me you can do ANYTHING!

    Take it as one day at time and don't get frustrated just keep going. If you need any advice or help about nutrition let me or any one here know and we are going to help you :)
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    You took the first step. Do not look at the goal as a whole but rather a journey and really the best advice I can offer is take each day as it comes, forgive yourself and always get back up and try again. Please feel free to add me as a friend.
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    You can do it. Whatever plan you have, do what works for you. It's going to be tough in the beginning, but don't let a tiny slip up trip you up. One bad meal or day doesn't dictate the rest of your day or week. Day by day and soon enough you will be the shape you desire. MFP is a great resource and can be very educational about your food choices. It's helped me so much over the last couple of years. Adding friends is a great way to get meal ideas too, feel free to add me!

    ^^^This! And read this incredible story by my friend Brian, who started his journey at 625 pounds and has lost over 300 pounds:


    Also, please feel free to add me. I started at 288 and am down about 40 pounds. So I totally understand that shock of morbidly obese and how scary it can be. The best part is that you are in a safe and supportive place now. :)
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    Hi, I decided enough was enough last Christmas when my scale read 342 lbs! So I started using MFP from New Year's Day and this time I didn't give up! I'm log everyday, I walk, do Wii Zumba, weightlift, stretch etc. And I'm seeing results which is soooo encouraging!

    The most important thing is to admit you have a problem and actually act upon it! And stick to it even if you feel like giving up! It will be worth it! We can do it together so please, feel free to add me! The more the merrier :)
  • Feel free to add me if you would like the support!
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    You've found a great place to start! I had tried to lose weight off and on for many years but nothing ever worked, then last year I gained another 15 pounds, late Dec 2013 I weighed myself for the first time in 6 months and was up to 260 pounds, and I'm almost 29 years old. At the beginning of January I happened to see a post from someone that had lost over 100 pounds within a year, from 270 to 170, I was so inspired I asked her how she did it, she gave me some great information on how many calories I should be eating and how much I should be exercising. I stuck to her advice and counted every single thing I've eaten for two months and as of March 11th I have lost 26 pounds, without starving myself! Most important thing I learned is to eat more, NOT less, but within reason and only healthy foods, no food means no energy. I try to eat only whole foods, about 1300 calories on days I don't exercise or when I only exercise 15 minutes or less, and about 1500 calories on days I exercise between 30-60 minutes. For almost the ENTIRE first month I either walked around the block or exercised to Richard Simmons DVDs, low impact aerobics that you enjoy is the best way to start exercising. I don't like gyms, so I do all my exercise at home, at the park, or around the neighborhood.

    I wish you great success!
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    I sent a friend request
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    Well done for starting! Friend request sent! always looking for new people on here for motivation :)
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    I've been there and know how overwhelming it can be. Just log in everyday, no excuses. Work on losing the weight slowly and developing healthier habits that will last a lifetime. Good luck--you can do it! :smile:
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    Yesterday was yesterday, today is today. You can so do this. It is a series of baby steps, learning everyday. People here are so supportive and so informative. Take one day at a time. Please add me if you want. You can do this...
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    I know exactly what you mean... I've been extremely overweight - morbidly obese for most of my life... I've lost weight in the past only to have it reappear..... I'm back on here and being accountable for what I eat and my exercise... I'm here to help with whatever you might need.... feel free to add me. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!
  • Hi,
    I read your post and know that you feel like it is a long road ahead of you. Think of it like climbing up a hill. You take one step at a time and every step takes you closer to the top. Don't focus on looking at the top of the mnt. just on where you are and with time and the right eating habits, you will get there.
    If you'd like to email me, I'd be happy to give you some food guidelines and tips. I am a nutritionist /trainer with 18 years experience.
    well wishes to you both
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    You can add me. Started at 270, down to 179 now and still at it. :) Also a Jules, too!
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    Sent you a request. Don't worry about going over your goal, sometimes it takes us a few days to adjust to everything. After that, then logging becomes a part of your everyday life, at least it did for me. I started at 196, and currently at 165 and nearing my goal weight. You got this! Good luck! :flowerforyou: :happy: