If we had a zombie apocalypse what is your strength?



  • PhearlessPhreaks
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    Years of preparation. If you want to survive you'll stick with me.

    Honestly though, a Romero/Walking Dead style zombie outbreak really wouldn't be as bad as we imagine. You know the single greatest tool that will save us all? Doors. Doorknobs specifically. Zombies can't open doors. If you live someplace with a lot of ground floor windows you're in trouble. That's when you follow Max Brooks advice, move everything up stairs and then destroy those stairs. But slow moving, shambling zombies are going to have a lot of trouble breaking down a door, even with a few of them pushing against one. The sad truth is a zombie outbreak would end up being kind of pathetic.

    See how much I've thought about this?

    I'm stubborn and I'm a Max Brooks, TWD fan too. I was a fan of Shane, and I believe that I don't have to run faster than the zombies, I just have to run faster than you. By shooting the person next to me in the kneecap I've saved my own life AND my ammo!

    You haven't thought about this enough. Remember, the zombies are single-minded. They will pile up on each other to get to fresh meat (I've read Max Brooks several times, myself). Going up the stairs and destroying the stairs is a start, but once you're up there you have to have an exit strategy. According to ZSG, zombies can't jump, so make sure there's a rooftop with a small gap nearby.

    Let's dance.

    Yes, they will pile up for fresh meat. And they won't stop.

    BUT they're also weak as ****. One isn't going to break down a door. Or two, or three. They'd have to pile up together and spend a good deal of time pushing. And a door is only so large. You can't have zombies 20 across. Just a few in front and the rest behind them.

    Now think about where you live. Lotta houses most likely. So the zombies aren't all going to concentrate on one home at a time. They'll spread out, a few here, a few there. Uselessly banging on a door they can't get through. Until they spot the dumb *kitten* who decided to go for a jog, then they'll all abandon the door banging.

    Think about Walking Dead. SPOILERS Remember when they broke through the fence at the farm house? That took a swarm of zombies all concentrated on one area just to get through an old wooden fence. How much harder would a door be? It would take so many and so much pushing, all from weak zombies who are easily distracted.

    And I don't know about you but I've got three steps leading up to my doorway. Those three simple steps make it virtually impossible for a horde of zombies to try and bust in.

    I noticed a trend in recent zombie movies/shows. They skip over the outbreak. It's common for someone to wake up in a hospital and the zombies have already taken over. That always bothered me, because to me the outbreak was the most exciting part. It wasn't until I realized "Oh! They skip over the outbreak because really it wouldn't be hard to contain."

    Your move, cupcake :wink:

    But being on your second floor* makes it that much harder to replenish once your supplies start to dwindle...

    ETA: floor, second floor, lol.
  • caroldavison332
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    Ex-military, which makes me weapons proficient. Wisconsinite, so hunting and fishing skills are a given. Grew up around classic and race cars so I know my way around motors. Eagle Scout, I know what to eat, where to find it and can make fire on command. Oh yeah, I'm also a home brewer... I'm thinking I might be just fine and be a good candidate to participate in global repopulation.

    Fellow vet. Friend me.
  • BlueBombers
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    My gun
  • TheFisherKing
    Intelligence and strategy.
  • SaintGiff
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    Hell, I'll post my entire resume:


    Inability to panic. Seriously, since childhood. Freaks people out.
    Physically strong. Great endurance.
    Know my way around a gun, but would prefer spear / long hammer for zombies
    Fiercely loyal and protective
    Could kill zombies / other threats dispassionately


    I need food!
    Not a pack animal. Never a follower and uncomfortable as a leader. I would end up as a disruptive force, surfing from pack to pack, always taking a few members with me when I leave and leaving behind a few of the ones I brought.
  • caroldavison332
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    Leadership skills.



    Good cook and farmer.
  • 1shauna1
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    I have long arms so I would be able to fend them off while smashing them in the head.
  • ComradeTovarich
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    I have guns and I'm not an idiot. I'd say that puts me above most of the people you see in zombie movies. Unless they're the fast kind of zombie. In which case I'll be happy to join the ranks and get my munch on.
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    I'm tasty and tender?
  • richardositosanchez
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    I can run pretty fast and i'm not a bad shot.
  • 1LoveChips
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    I'm tasty and tender?

    Do tell!
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    I taste delicious!
  • 1LoveChips
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    My farts smell of rotting corpses, so they'll probably think I'm one of them :smokin:
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    I've taken a Wilderness class, know how to hunt and I begin my EMT course after spring break. I'm quite a catch! :smile:
  • Booksandbeaches
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    I don't panic easily. I can jog. I'm a light sleeper who doesn't need a lot of sleep. I know how to raise tasty small animals for food.
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    well, im ok with the double tap, but my cardio, cardio, cardio is not the best in the world, so i guess ill be the one trying to run away from the horde with people and just be the bait if they get close enough. no one will have to kneecap me or anything. they will have a feast when they catch me!!!
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  • TheyCallMeMISTERChace
    A really small brain... I won't be that appetizing.
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    I talk too much ... I would bore them to death! That...And I'm also a vegetarian, so I am pretty sure I would not appeal in taste.
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    decisiveness. i know immediately whether to shoot someone in the head or not. i don't need to "take the night." :sick:

    eta: i don't mean zombies when i say "shoot in the head." if TWD has taught us anything, it's that humans who make bad decisions are much more dangerous to humans than walkers in the ZA. e.g. Rick. i'd shoot him in the head. worst leader ever.