Exercising with Dogs



  • Mia_RagazzaTosta
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    I used to run with my German Shepherd but he is so bad on a leash and he would peter out before I was done. He makes an excellent bum, though.
  • jerren
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    I've used the walky dog with my German Shepherd dog. Its seems like the only sensible option to me for walking a dog while on your bike. http://www.thedogoutdoors.com/walkydog-dog-bike-leash.html
  • 4legsRbetterthan2
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    I have a catahoula. She is about 10 months old right now. I take her running, when I trail ride my horse, walking, hiking, and just go play in the back yard with her. I have a nathan 5k belt and just hook a retractable leash through it so I don't have to hold the leash. I spend a good amount of time training my dogs. She knows when we run it is for exercise and she is to pay attention to me and stay in line (at least when we are on roads). If we are doing something in the woods then she is off leash and can do whatever she wants for the most part. If we run into other hikers, riders, runners then we just pull over, I tell her sit and stay while they pass, and then we go on our merry way.
  • I have two Jack Russell mixes, but I don't run with them. They like to walk, but I'm afraid of exhausting them if we run, or tripping over them, honestly!
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    We have a chocolate lab (his name is Mud :) He is not very good on a leash but still I try to walk him everyday. Hoping he will calm down a bit as he ages, he will be 2 (people years) this summer.

    I had never heard of bikejoring before and had to google. I love biking and have just been waiting for the weather to warm up and snow to melt so I can start going on my rides again. Not sure I could handle my dog pulling me though.
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    We actually just rescued a Yellow Lab/Irish Setter Mix. She is two years old and weights 50 lbs now, was at 45 but she was malnourished. Vet said by the time she is three she should be 60 lbs full grown. She is a great runner when she is on her pinch collar. She does great when I am jogging, but when I walk, I am too slow for her and she jumps and pulls and meanders and she is leash aggressive towards other dogs. When she is off the leash, she is fine, but on the leash, she feels trapped and barks and goes into attack mode like a beast!

    My biggest poo poo about owning a dog...is the dog hair...all over...in everything. I thought I would be used to it as I have two cats but this is way worse...
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    I've got a Black Lab/Pit mix that goes running with me. He's nearly 10, and he still outruns me every time! He's an excellent pace coach, and I even get some agility training when he smells something interesting on the other side of me. :laugh: When we're not running, I take him hiking and let him off the leash so he can explore. He's the perfect exercise buddy. We keep each other in shape. I keep him on a glucosamine chondroitin supplement so the wear and tear on his joints is minimized.

    I used to have a horse that I would ride for exercise, too, and my dog would come on trail rides with us. I don't have a horse anymore, but I still ride. Super fun way to exercise.
  • 4legsRbetterthan2
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    I have two Jack Russell mixes, but I don't run with them. They like to walk, but I'm afraid of exhausting them if we run, or tripping over them, honestly!

    I had a jack russell in the past and he was very well behaved but really struggled as a running buddy. I think the problem was my pace was just really uncomefortable for him. His trot was not fast enough but his run would leave me in the dust, so he would trot and fall behind then run and catch up and then fall behind again. He really tried though!
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    Funny you posted this because just the other day I did squats while holding my puppy, lol
    Shes a little 8 lbs Maltese. I felt bad because she was just staring at me while I was doing my workout wanting to play, so I picked her up and made her part of my work out! Funny enough, it made my squats easier. I think she made me balance myself better so I was able to have better form. Yay for puppies!!!
  • clover5
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    I run and walk with my dog regularly. She loves it and always gets excited when she sees me getting ready to go. I have a long leash for running, about 12 feet, that I wear at my waist. That way I can run with free hands, and she has a little more leeway. I've been working with her on walk day to stop pulling, and noticed improvement while running yesterday. She is a 22 pound poodle/cockerspaniel mix.
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    I have a red-nosed pitbull, a cairn terrier and a fire-tip siamese cat. I play with my dogs on the floor and my bed. I walked them but they are very hard to walk. I wouldn't mind jogging with my pitbull but she's difficult to walk. They are going into training next month and so will hopefully be better. I may start jogging with her then.
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    I have a boxer mix, I tried exercising with her, but she wants to mark everything, sniff every and chase everything. I used to track our walks on Endomondo, but with all the stopping I wasn't really getting an accurate reading, so now our walks are my cool down after I workout. Though sometimes I will take her to the park and we'll get in a nice hour long walk.
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    I have an Australian Shepherd, he is nine years young and a few pounds over his ideal weight of 48, but that happens every winter and now that we're getting out more he should be back to ideal within a few weeks (if only it were that easy for me, sigh.) He was quite a leash-puller when we first adopted him but he's much better. He does want to stop and sniff/be social every couple of feet (it seems), so even when I work up to running it may not work with him lol. Luckily he only has a medium herd instinct, he limits it pretty much to our cats and sometimes running kids (he doesn't nip but does his best to steer them, it's pretty hilarious to watch.) The only thing he loves better than someone throwing/kicking his soccer ball around for him to chase is the sight of the leash appearing from the cabinet. I'm trying to catch some of his enthusiasm for movement :-)
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    I have an ACD mix, he was a rescue. Best dog I have ever had, he's going on 11 now and you can't even tell. He still likes to herd my 5 year old son, and don't even think about bringing a ball in the house/within 100 feet of him if you aren't planning on throwing it! He will fetch until he physically can't move.
    He likes walks (never tried to run with him), but he wants to stop and pee and/or sniff EVERYTHING. He doesn't get bothered by other dogs or cats, but if he sees a deer, groundhog, squirrel etc he wants it NOW.
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    + 1 My lab is 5 and very lean - I don't hunt but when my parents look for labs they always go for ones that are field trial labs. Those are typically bred for intelligence, not show. My next dog will be a rescue, but I absolutely adore the dog I have now. She's my little mountain goat when we go hiking, and I love that she can go everywhere with me. Haven't been running with her on a leash since I moved out of NYC but she's great for running on trails!
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    I have a 2 year old Labradoodle that loves to run with me. I don't take her all the time because the road smooths out her pads a lot and they get sore, also since I live in the South she cannot come unless I run in the morning before the road gets hot. My Vet said she sees so many doggies with burned pads. When I put my running clothes on she runs all over the house jumping up and down. She does do my cool down with me every run, I come back home and get her and we walk about a quarter mile. If I have her on the retractable leash she is very distracted and stopped all the time to smell every mailbox we pass. If I use her nylon leash she will run in heel and hardly ever stop.
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    I take my boxer running with me. She is a fantastic running partner. She never pulls her leash or tries to stop. The lab is too slow and lazy so I only walk with him. The cat, well, he likes to come lay on the yoga matt when I get it out, but that's not really exercise. :laugh:
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    I have a 55lb pitbull, that I run with using a Halti. She would LOVE to do 3 6-minute miles with me with the way she pulls, but I can only do about a 10 minute mile, so she motivates me to keep going but will NOT let me rest when I want/need it haha. She's also fairly dominating, but she understands that when the Halti goes on, we are out for a run and that is it. We stay on track and only stop for traffic lights. She does her business and gets water when we get home.
  • _lyndseybrooke_
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    I've got a border collie mix. Her name is Daisy and she's a little over a year old. She's got a lot of energy, but she also has hip dysplasia, so we have to make sure she gets exercise, but not too much. My husband walks her daily because he gets home from work 3 hours before I do (must be nice), but on weekends we like to take her for a long walk at one of the two parks near us. A couple weekends ago, it was really nice out so we took her to this hiking trail for a 45-minute hike. She LOVED it and was huffing and puffing by the time we got back to the truck. I hardly ever log exercise that I do with her, though, and I certainly don't run with or without her. A runner I am not.

    My cat Chloe isn't big on exercise, believe it or not. :)
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    I jog with my German Shepherd (Ralphie). No idea how old he is - he's a rescue that I got in Feb 2013 (estimated at 2 to 3 y/o then). He loves it! I also use Ruffwear products; Ralphie's got the chain-reaction collar and the slack line leash so I can adjust it and clip it to my waist. He does like to sniff a lot so our runs usually start out with 10 minutes of brisk walking so he can get it out of his system... and also get all the pee out of his system so we don't have to stop for that every 2 minutes!