Anyone starting 30 day shred 3/24/14 ?

DJ478 Posts: 909 Member
Is anyone starting 30 day shred soon I'm planning to start Monday I'm currently doing t25 today i complete week 1 of it so I was planning to combine it with 30 day shred starting next week


  • Lizabelle1212
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    I've been thinking of starting it, and Monday sounds like as good a day as any! I already have the DVD at home, so might as well - I've been hearing good things about it. Feel free to add me if you want! :)
  • Betty_Rubble
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    Start it! I'm on Level 2 doing day 5 tonight!
  • julzz81
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    I just started it yesterday, so only on day 2 level one.. it kicked my butt yesterday that's for sure!
  • JaysWays
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    I just started T25! I'm on day three. I still combine my workouts with running or weight lifting. Keep up the good work!!
  • DJ478
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    Nice thanks guys u may all feel free to add also have a group u can join helps a lot I usually join 2-3 groups for extra motivation

    For 30 day shred:

    @ssuperstar I was thinking of doing lifting with t25 but still have 20 lbs of stubborn fat I would like to lose first and inches so I figure I start light with shred since u use light weights after prob do p90x or les mills pump during summer time unsure yet

    Have a t25 group also if u like to join us I just started t25 along with a few other members on there
  • Im thinking of dusting off my dvd and incorporating it on my off days from running
  • DJ478
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    @sandi really that's great welcome I will be doing to workouts as we'll hopefully it's not too much I will have 1 rest day a week tho
  • Feebarella
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    Fabulous, Im starting monday too, great to have you guys with me. Please friend me.
  • SuperSammi22
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    I am doing the 30 Day Shred! Its fantastic! I literally just finished day four, level one about an hour ago. My legs have been super sore, but it makes me happy knowing that it is working. I have debated on throwing a couch to 5k into my workout as well. :} You got this!
  • cori0314
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    I just finished my last day of 30 DS. I was skeptical but I can't argue with results now. I started at 176lb and I am now 164. I also lost 5 inches from my waist, 2inches from my arms, and 3 or 4 inches from my chest. I've gained a lot of muscle which amazes me every time I feel a new one. The DVD gets boring but it's worth doing. I didn't do it every day, usually 5-6 days depending on how I felt or what was going on at home. I walk about 3 miles 5 days a week and stick to a 1200 calorie diet. I plan on alternating the levels through out the week now. Good luck everyone!
  • Today is Level 1 Day 3 for me and I'm loving it already :) My legs are definitely feeling it!
  • slimzandra
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    Hi Ladies - 30 days from Today is Easter! I started Day 1 today. This is it. I need to drop at least 20 lbs. Hopefully this will give me a great start I will look great for my son's April vacation. By Monday I should be able to actually do level one without cheating or stopping. I am so excited to have some friends to share this with.
  • angf0679
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    I've done it before, but have got out of the exercise/eating right thing. I am back into and am re-starting it tonight. :)
    Not really looking forward to the aches and pains I will be feeling, but I am looking forward to getting fit!
  • les216
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    I did 30 day shred after my 3rd child was born in 2012 and had great results!! Just started again after having my 4th child and hoping for same! Completed Level 1 today (Day 10). I have never posted on the message boards before but have always used them for my own inspiration-would be willing to share my pics too if someone could show me how?
  • ezloshead
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    I seriously talked to my friends about us all starting it Monday. I will post before and after pics.
  • callen803
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    I have the DVD as well. I've been doing Turbo Jam, but I'd love to have a group that can hold each other to the workouts! Lord knows I need it with 3 little ones around. Monday sounds like a great day to start!
    LULUREBEL Posts: 86 Member
    I just started 30DS, level 1 Day 3. I also do the JM kickboxing fast fix and elliptical. Feel free to add me!
  • DJ478
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    Welcome everyone and feel free to add
  • slimzandra
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    Just checking in today. I did Level 1: - Good so far on food. What is everyone doing for the diet? I don't want to check in to Jillian's Site. Is there another 30 day meal plan available on line that you like? Heading to the grocery store now. Stocking up on H20. Got Grapefruits. Going to get some lean meats.
  • SuperSammi22
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    I feel you there. I don't really want to check Jillians diet plan. Mainly I stick to mfp 1200 calories. I usually have an orange or some fruit for breakfast, some kind of lean meat sandwich or wrap on wheat for lunch and dinner with some veggies as a side, and a snack in between (I have been using wheat thins). I also try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. I do the workouts everyday and allow myself one meal a week (Saturday dinner) that I can splurge on. I had pizza yesterday. Lol. Its been working well for me so far, I am only on day 6 level one and have already lost 2 pounds. Some one else might have a better idea for you, I am relatively new to mfp, so I would definitely take a few different peoples advice into consideration. :}