Any success stories without weighing food



  • Ang108
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    I wonder why we are discussing this ?
    The OP joined last May, started this thread in January with one single post and has since deactivated her account......
  • ThatSoundsHard
    ThatSoundsHard Posts: 475 Member
    I measure but don't use a scale. I've had success so far.
    That being said, as I get closer to my goal weight I'm going to have to get around to getting a scale soon. Weighing is just so much more accurate.
  • SezxyStef
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    I think it really depends on the person.

    I know that I like to sneak food. A little extra bite here and there can really add up. I weigh EVERYTHING (even my protein powder) because I know if I don't, I'll grab an extra spoonful or two out of the container and eat my deficit away.

    Other people aren't like that, and do fine without a scale. You can always try without...if you find yourself stalling or losing slower than expected, then it is probably time for a scale.

    Interesting that you should mention protein powder. When I got my scale, I found out I was shortchanging myself on that! One scoop did NOT equal 30 g - more like 20 to 25 grams. Now, when I measure out my protein powder, I know I am getting the right amount.

    This is what I found as well.

    Cottage cheese serving 1/2c or 125g...125g is a lot more.

    To the OP...I don't find it any more obsessive then balancing my budget or checkbook...

    Not weighing can have consequences...

    You may be short changing yourself out of calories you could have
    You could be under estimating the calories you are eating

    As mentioned I don't think we as North americans have a good handle on what a portion really is...

    a serving of hard cheese for example is 30g...I now know I was eating at least 60g maybe 90 everytime...

    I didn't use a scale or count calories for my first 25lbs...but I was on an eating plan..

    When I started counting calories I didn't use a scale and I lost 3.5lbs in a month...not bad really but it could have been more...

    I started using a scale and the next month I lost 5.5lbs...2lb difference so that means I under estimated my intake by 7000 or so calories...that's a lot of "under estimating"

    Imagine doing that when you are trying to lose 1/2lb a week...
  • wyattj99
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    I have lost over 60 lbs in 19 months...I know to some that would seem slow but I wanted to learn, to teach myself this new lifestyle. I also work out but to answer your question I haven't used a scale yet! Since I close to losing weight and want to tone more I might get myself a food scale :)
  • psmd
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    I weigh everything and have lost about 50 lbs.

    Since you eat the same stuff generally, why don't you (just as an experiment) weigh some of the foods you're eating, just to see if you're eating the amounts you think you are? If you are, then weighing may not be useful. But if you're not, maybe it's time to start.

    It's quite eye opening.

    I wonder why we are discussing this ?
    The OP joined last May, started this thread in January with one single post and has since deactivated her account......

    NEVER MIND!!! That's annoying.
  • ontherunat41
    ontherunat41 Posts: 21 Member
    I do not and never did weigh my food. Never had a heart rate monitor either. All my secrets are out now.
    Yes. Let's start a support group for secret non-weighers.
  • hesn92
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    I lost 20 pounds without a food scale. I either measured or estimated. It worked find. Honestly, the calorie counts on the nutrition label isn't exact anyway. They round. I don't see anything wrong with estimating. Even if you're overestimating a little, you still have a 500 calorie deficit to eat up before you're actually maintaining or gaining your weight.

    I have since bought a food scale and I do use it, but mostly for meat so I can know how many pounds I'm using. It's not just for calorie purposes, but I buy meat in bulk so if I'm using a recipe that calls for 2 pounds, i want to know i'm using 2 pounds.
  • chunkybun
    chunkybun Posts: 179 Member
    I'm in total agreement. Just like an extreme diet, I think weighing everything is something that is not sustainable for me.

    I may get a lot of flack for this, but what's worked for me so far:

    1- Take my 'normal' portion, cut it in half. When finished, I'll drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes, if i'm still hungry, I'll take half of what's leftover.

    2- eating more home cooked meals instead of pre-packaged stuff

    3- Tracking water. After hitting a plateau, I started tracking this, and instantly noticed results

    4-I still log all my meals Mon-Fri, (slack off most weekends) knowing full well it's not accurate, but keeps me accountable for the typse of food I am choosing to eat.

    5- Cutting out the extra calories from 'sampling' while cooking

    6-Reducing the number of snacks I have. Asking myself why I want to eat and stopping myself if the answer is 'boredom', 'stress' or 'I just want it'....
  • spicegeek
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    sort of - I tend to cook in bulk and freeze / refrigerate so if I`m making chicken I weight it all in one go - lets say I have 1 lb - that is 4 portions for me - I`ll eyeball the split into 4 platters - maybe I`ll be a bit over one day or a bit under another - I figure it all comes out in the wash
  • cathylopez1975
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    I pretty much lost it all without a food scale, but I did use measuring cup and spoons. I have been maintaining through the winter months and decided early in March to start the push to lose the last 10 lbs. My body seems happy to stay where it is, so I've upped the game by getting a digital food scale and a Fitbit. Most of my portions have been accurate. The surprise was ground beef. I have been OVERestimating my portions by eyeballing. What I thought was a 3 oz hamburger patty was really only 2 oz. That one ounce makes a difference in calories and macros.
  • sentaruu
    sentaruu Posts: 2,206 Member
    I don't really weigh my food and i have lost over 50 lbs.

    i still use a measuring cup sometimes for things like cottage cheese and other snacks. but for the most part i guesstimate.

    i assume that as i get closer to my target weight, i will have to be a little more careful about measuring but for now it's working out fine.
  • ihanna37
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    I can't weigh my portions--I am on a full meal plan (21 meals/week), so it's like eating out every night. I don't have access to a weigh scale or measuring cups in the dining hall. I just don't eat back exercise calories, stay on the low side, and avoid complicated foods that I can't estimate well. It's a bit aggravating since I know it is slowing me down and/or preventing me from eating some of the more hard-to-estimate foods I like, but I am still losing, even though I'm a short girl with only the last 10 pounds to go.
  • nik_nak_1983
    If you don't want to weigh food have you considered Slimmingworld? They base their diet.on unlimited amounts of certain food. If you want to calorie count (which is essentially what MFP is you need to get into weighing otherwise your just guessing. Just find an eating plan that suits you....maybe MFP isn't it?
  • Slim_strategy
    I don't , I use cups , and for the longest time I didn't even have cups + just estimated , I still lost a few stone that way
    I tried weighing for a while but it seemed a little too obsessive and also time consuming for me
  • Debbjones
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    I don't weigh and seldom measure my food! Never, ever, weighed my food! Just scaling back and estimating has worked for me and I lost over 85 pounds!
  • harlanJEN
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    I didn't see success until I started weighing and measuring. However, I learned what these weighed and measured portions look like and can now eyeball it. It's a good learning experience. I recommend weighing and measuring until you're comfortable with knowing what a portion looks and feels like. :)

    EXCELLENT EXCELLENT advice. The point in weighing your food is to become mindful and aware of how much we are eating and what a serving truly is - it can be very eye opening. calorie dense foods can totally wreck your train if you are not keeping it REAL by knowing how much you are truly eating. A TB of peanut butter " eyeballed" can be quite different measured/ weighed. Same with any food really - even packaged foods. Those are estimates. Example: my 40g serving of dried apricots DID NOT = the approximated 1/4 cup.

    The goal is to learn and be AWARE then develop those habits and skill sets to use for the rest of your life.
  • Hovercat
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    I actually stopped weighing and tracking food the last month. I think I can visualize pretty good by now. If I start stalling, I'll pick it up again, but I want to be able to eat and not have to count everything. I don't think I'd be able to stick to eating better if I have to constantly track everything.
  • tammcclure
    I just joined here but in the last 21 months I've lost 87 of the 238 pounds I'm trying to lose. I have not been weighing my food. I do count and measure but I don't mess with weighing everything. I have tried to do the weighing but it just seems a waste of time to me. I do carefully measure though. If a recipe says 8 servings then I divide it into 8 separate servings and just eat my 1.
  • bikinisuited
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    Great suggestions. It is so easy to underestimate...
  • CoderGal
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    I've went without and I've went with and I've went without again. Obviously if you want accuracy you do with. And even if you're going without, if you want it to work for sure, I suggest you weigh food for a while. Many people come on here saying they're gaining weight or not losing when they're eating x many calories when their guestimate is very very off.
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