Whats your dogs name?



  • Ang108
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    Millie....my two dogs who died last year of old age were Rubi & Petunia.
  • Mac. Although he's pretty big right now, so I could probably get away with calling him Big Mac.
  • tchell99
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    Current one is Moxie.

    One of my favorite pet names was an old friend who named his mutt "Deogee" (dog spelled out, emphasis on "o"). Never failed to make me laugh.
  • wickedwendy6
    wickedwendy6 Posts: 117 Member
    My dog's name is Coffee. He's a JR cross so he always looks like he's had too much caffeine. Lol
  • belle_of_the_bar
    belle_of_the_bar Posts: 474 Member
    My dog's name is Penelope, but I used to have a shepherd/husky mix named Frankie.
  • jamesalytle
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    Our dog is a husky rot mix, his name is Stout.
  • burning2much
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  • Jazz_Hands
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    My chiweenie is named Rufio :heart:

  • Mollysous
    Mollysous Posts: 30
    I prefer a simple one or two syllable name to call my dog, therefore "Please Don't Feed the Moose" is simply referred to as "Moose" or "Moo-dog". I have a long history of giving my dogs oddball names. :)
  • HappyPoet
    HappyPoet Posts: 24
    Current dog is a Pointer/Lab named Jesse after my fav great aunt. However: http://www.petmd.com/dog/male-puppy-names/most-popular. Have fun!
  • ALNoog
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    I have a Yorkie named Lulu and a Chorkie named Remy
  • kimr41
    kimr41 Posts: 219 Member
    Chocolate labs: Moose, Hooch & Zeus
  • jojospero
    jojospero Posts: 92 Member
    I have a boxer named Koda
  • CaptJackDaniels
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    I have a Labradane named Ichigo and a Pittbull named Orchid.
  • AlliBarlik
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    I have 2 husky mix dogs---Arwyn and Jorja, but no, I am sad to say, that I don't want to share.
    I have 2 cats--cool names (we think) Obi (yes, Obi Wan) and Geordi.
  • twinsmom03
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    Chili, Boomer and Izzie
  • NLWears
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    Ranger was my German Shepherd. Best dog I ever had. He died from old age a few years ago. Now we have a lab named Dexter, and a little mutt we call Chupacabra.
  • catfive1
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    Mike, Duke, Yetti, Mylo, Skipper, Mist, Rawlphff
  • bekim123
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    My dog is Dory. My cat is Nala.
  • MelsAuntie
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    Mashallah Ardawa Ibn Arwa
    Mashallah Sparrowhawk
    Mashallah Princess In Amber
    Mashallah Ardeshir
    Mashallah Silver Dragon
    Mashallah Ankara
    Mashallah Kestrel
    Mashallah Tabriz

    Clumber spaniels

    Snowshed's ( kennel name) Chuckles
    Snowshed's China Clipper
    Snowshed's Dirty Hairy
    Showshed's Scalawag
    Snowshed's Giggles
    Snowshed's Q
    Snowshed's Guffaw

    English Springer spaniels

    Ward's Good Golly Miss Molly
    Ward's Jennifer Juniper

    Some of many dogs over many years.