Whats your dogs name?



  • alc212
    alc212 Posts: 124 Member
    I have two - Mini Fox-Terrier sisters called Chalk and Cheese :)
  • TLwineguzzler
    TLwineguzzler Posts: 289 Member
    <--- his name is Robbie, husky/collie cross and my daughter has just had a Siberian husky called Lewey
  • jessica182517
    jessica182517 Posts: 395 Member
    Everyone has such gorgous dogs! :) my couputer wouldnt let me download my pic to post it yesterday :( So here is my cute little puppy


    Thanks for all the great names!! SO many to choose from lol I really like Harley i was thinking Oakley but im not sure my step dad said i should name him clyde becuase our cats name is buddy and they seem to be best friends right now...buddy and clyde but idk if i like clyde for his name lol im so picky! My brother wants me to name him kobolt...so hard to just decide lol

    Here they are being best friends!

    *edited to fix picutes, they werent working :(
  • KatieLouWho19
    KatieLouWho19 Posts: 776 Member
    Jethro Bodine
  • Lisa1971
    Lisa1971 Posts: 3,088 Member
    Last one of my long lost friend


    Beautiful pic! You should get that one framed!
  • BlueBombers
    BlueBombers Posts: 4,065 Member
    My English Bulldog's name is Hulk. He's a tank.


    The funny thing is if you call him "Princess" he'll come prancing towards you, more so than if you call him by his real name. It's hilarious.
  • SuperWhoLock24601
    SuperWhoLock24601 Posts: 245 Member
    And a picture of River Song
  • DainaLC
    DainaLC Posts: 18,937 Member
    Two Shih Tzus, Lily and Topper, and one mini Dachshund named Gooch.
  • branflakes1980
    branflakes1980 Posts: 2,516 Member
    Name him Kitty. For because a dog named kitty is awesome! Also, I have always wanted to name a dog squishy. Also because it's awesome!
  • CassandraBurgos83
    CassandraBurgos83 Posts: 544 Member
    ROXX-my 2 yr old son named him and the both love playing/digging in rocks
  • HuggyBeahr
    HuggyBeahr Posts: 259
    boxer named tonka
  • siport
    siport Posts: 7,429 Member
    this is my dog Toby, he is a ca de bou cross Border Collie

  • BabyCerise
    BabyCerise Posts: 70 Member
    A Belgian Shepherd Malinois, 4 months old and called Wendy :)
  • jlshea
    jlshea Posts: 495 Member
    <---- 3 year old English Bulldog named Tyson aka Tyceroni aka Tysie Doo
  • Ashley_Panda
    Ashley_Panda Posts: 1,404 Member
    We have a border collie/black lab mix - Ares and a Pit Bull - Poena.
  • asdowe13
    asdowe13 Posts: 1,955 Member
    I don't have a dog, if i did it would be a husky/malamute and named Sam.

    I do have an orange Cat and his name is Jerkface Oliver Monster Pants Off
  • Pirate_chick
    Pirate_chick Posts: 1,216 Member
    his name is Merlin Wuddles
  • Lawngirl296
    Lawngirl296 Posts: 46 Member
    Yellow Lab named Sadie
    Hound/lab mix named Henry
  • Siy4
    Siy4 Posts: 47
    got a CAT.. n her name is Chi Chi.
  • askeates
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    Ricky, Lucy and Ichabod....

    My oldest started a trend with her snakes, and now all the animals in the house are named after Harry Potter characters or Johnny Depp movie characters. We have Nagini, Calypso, Dutchess and Luna (she is a ferrett).