How many sizes are in your closet?



  • Phaedra2014
    Phaedra2014 Posts: 1,254 Member
    4 and 6.
  • RunsOnEspresso
    RunsOnEspresso Posts: 3,218 Member
    Bottoms: 8, 10 & 12 - although all of the 12's are too big but I need clothes to wear!

    Tops: Medium and Large. There might be a few XL in women's team sports merch. Some of that runs quite small.
  • IpuffyheartHeelsinthegym
    IpuffyheartHeelsinthegym Posts: 5,573 Member
    just one, size 2, with maybe the exception of a pair of size 6 jeans that are way too baggy.
  • cweaver1981
    cweaver1981 Posts: 76 Member
    I have two sizes in my closet currently 14 & 12. Some 14s are too big, some fit good-some 12s fit and some are too tight. Now if you ask me how many sizes of clothes are in my attic-that is a whole different story. I have been many sizes so...8, 10, 12, and maternity!

    I don't like to keep clothes in my closet that are way too small because for one I don't have a big enough closet for that and two because it makes me feel sad. I prefer to keep a size that is closer to fitting because it gives me a small goal to shoot for.
  • oneloopygirl
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    4, 6, 8 and smalls and mediums... Depending on the brand. All fit... Maybe a large or two thrown in for fit as I don't like things to be too tight anywhere. I purged clothes too big along my journey to eliminate the well, I have this I can wear to force me to monitor myself better. It works well for me. I try on everything and buy the size that fits me best and it's a wild assortment based on the store I'm at. No standards at all anymore.
  • meganjcallaghan
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    oh yeah....i have a size 3X hoodie still.....I'm a small/medium for tops now so at this point my roommate and I can both wear it at the same time.
  • IpuffyheartHeelsinthegym
    IpuffyheartHeelsinthegym Posts: 5,573 Member
    I have 3 sizes in mine. 5, 7, and 9. I'm currently size 9 trying to drop back into my 7's. I was too skinny at size 5, but I was once a size 0 at 21 years old. YUCK

    why is a size 0 yuck? How tall are you?
  • buzybev
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    14/12 for bottoms and L/XL for tops. All of which are too baggy. I need to go shopping for new clothes, but I'm trying to hold off until I'm closer to my goal weight/body.
  • TaintedVampyre
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    I think I have at least 5-6 different sizes... womp wawwwhhhh
  • ExpectantHope
    ExpectantHope Posts: 60 Member
    UK...I have clothes ranging from 4-10.
  • ItsCasey
    ItsCasey Posts: 4,022 Member
    In dresses, pants, and skirts, everything from a 2 to an 8. In tops, XSP to M. I buy what fits me, not a certain number or letter.
  • sk8trchk
    sk8trchk Posts: 44 Member
    I keep my size and the one below it. But I keep 1 pair of too small pants and a too small dress that are my most current goals. I try them on every so often to see if I am getting any closer.
  • venturaroo
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    I have 26/28 (which I keep to try on now and again and say WHOA I was that big?) down to size 12. I currently am a 14 but always keep a pair of pants a size smaller as my "goal pants"!
  • thatonegirlwiththestuff
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    I've got clothes ranging from size 4 pants and S tops, all the way up to size 12 pants and L tops (after my kids were born). I have donated most of my post baby clothes, but keep a few for a reminder of why I workout and eat well.
  • SunShineBeastess
    SunShineBeastess Posts: 225 Member
    Started in 18's and 20's....recently cleaned out.....9 garbage bags of clothes. Now couple of 14's mostly 12's....working to get to 10's
  • EHisCDN
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    I have a whole bunch of sizes. I try to purge the things that are way too big and look unflattering if I try to wear them (anything that's a large). My mediums are getting baggy and I'm beginning to fit a size small at pretty much any store now. As for pants, they're all over the place. I have from 6 to 10 I think. I keep having to buy smaller pairs as I lose weight but I hate getting rid of my favourite clothes!
  • md523083
    md523083 Posts: 37 Member
    holy crap, you mean I'm not the only person with multiple sizes in their closet??! (I really thought I was)
    Sizes 12-18. So annoying. I also wear 2-3 different sizes each day because clothes manufacturers cannot make up their minds.
  • shoing
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    Just cleaned closets out for the 2nd time. Got rid of all the 18-20 down through some 14's. I'm in 12-14 as they all fit differently. Didn't think I'd ever be smaller than a 14 really. I completely skipped 16 when I went to get some new pants at Christmas. Was so tickled that 14's and a pair of 12 jeans fit! 14's are getting big now. YEA!

    EHisCDN I know what you mean I really hated getting rid of some of my favorites but they looked terrible on. So Bye Bye.
    logcase I also started in 18-20 and during Spring Break bagged 9 garbage bags full of clothes. That is a sin to have so many clothes isn't it?

    When school is out the end of May I will clean closets again. I'm going down and not looking back! Bye Bye Fat Girl! Hello New Healthy Me!
    Congrats Everyone getting healthy and skinny.
  • krash999
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    i have 5 sized in my closet at the moment, and i actually still wear all of them, even though the biggest ones are huge on me. 64,58,56,52,50. im just too cheep to get rid of anything, and i like feeling like i have lost some weight....
  • Noogynoogs
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    10 and 12