I ran a half marathon and didn't die!

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Ask my MFP friends...they'll tell you I was worried I would!

My previous longest race was a 5k. I decided around Christmas that in 2014, I wanted to run a half and maybe even a full. I started increasing my runs, while looking for that perfect race that would be a good first experience.

I found Run the Bluegrass in Lexington, KY. What an awesome race! It's a totally rural race, and you run past some of the biggest horse farms in KY. Amazing. Really beautiful. The crew was FANTASTIC and the volunteers amazing.

The only part that sucked? The weather. OMG. The weather. As soon as the gun sounded, it started raining. By mile 5, a downpour. By mile 7, I had puddles inside my shoes. At mile 12, the temperature suddenly dropped and I couldn't feel my hands as I ran across the finish line.

The course was HILLY. I knew it would be, but I didn't fully understand how incredibly steep they were. So steep, so so steep. I had done a lot of incline work on the treadmill in my training, and I was actually pretty proud of how well I was able to tackle those hills.

I finished in 2:55. My goal was to finish in less than 3 hours, and I just squeaked it in. I'm super happy with my time. Two years ago, I went for my first run and couldn't make it to our mailbox. Today, I ran 13 miles.

I went by myself, so no pics of me, but here's my SUPER AMAZING finisher medal:



  • onionparsleysage
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    that's a perfect finisher's medal for you :)

    great job!!

    I remember my first half. Never so happy as to reach the finish - then collapsed under a tree at the finish with a pile of pizza slices .
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    Well done!!! Bet you feel amazing.
  • slw5X5
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    That is so awesome!
  • Fuzzipeg
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    Good for you, good time for a first . You have a good medal too. I can relate to your concerns.
  • _TastySnoBalls_
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    Good for you, that is amazing.
  • BigVeggieDream
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    That's Awesome! Congratulations!
  • Elainaf
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    That is awesome, so proud of you. Do you have a next one scheduled : }
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    Congrats!!!!!! There really is no better feeling than when you cross that finish line!!!! Way to set a goal and push yourself!!!
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    Nice Medal! I am running 11 miles tomorrow as part of my marathon training, so this was a nice post to read :)
  • morn1ngstarr
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    OMG thats so Amazing.. So happy for you!!!
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    Congratulations, that's a great achievement. (and a lovely medal too) :drinker:

    You have spurred me on for my first 10k tomorrow!
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    CONGRATULATIONS! Yay! I am so very ecstatic for you. I can't imagine how awesome you feel (you know... minus the soreness and fatigue). Still six weeks.before mine, but I can't wait to share it with you after! You rock!
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    that is so awesome!!!
  • trijoe
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    You. Are. A. STUD!!!

    Keep up the good training, great racing, and not dying. Very impressive!!!
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    Great Job!!
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    That's awesome. Congrats on you run and finishing so quickly.
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    Wow! That's so awesome! You are the bomb!!! :)
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    Well done! You are a total inspiration! You deserve a Chuck Norris gif! LOL