Healthy Indian recipe!! Only 300 cals for a HUGE serving!



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    Can't wait to try this! With sodium free chickpeas and sodium free tomatoes though! :drinker:
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    I love Indian food. I'd love to try this recipe!
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    Yum, thanks for the share. Sounds delicious!
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    I just made the recipe this morning with two minor changes. I used all home grown chard and replaced the curry powder with another spoon of Garam Masala; mostly because Curry powder IS a Masala, it's just that westerners call it curry powder....:o).
    The house smells wonderful and I can hardly wait to eat later on. I plan to top the meal with some home made natural yogurt....sighhhh.

    Oops: I made three changes. I also used fresh tomatoes and fried them with a bit of oil and the masala, then added the onion and after that followed the recipe.
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    Love me my Indian food. Unfortunately wife and kids aren't crazy about it. But I'll try this out and just eat it all over a few days. I'm trying to be "more vegetarian", so this should help.

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    Will definitely try this. Thanks!
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    I cannot wait to try this! I'm just going to sub silken tofu in place of the yogurt. Thanks for sharing!
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    bump :)
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    This sound really good. Just a warning tho, warming chickpeas in microwave is not a good idea. I did this at work and my lamb stew went boom.
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    Bump so I can try it. Thanks so much!
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    Does it taste yoghurty? Could I con a yoghurt hater with it?
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    Thank you....we LOVE Indian food.....yummy! Thanks
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    Thank you ! :flowerforyou:
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