Caramel Frappe



  • erickirb
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    Holy moly! 550 calories? Seriously? Oh well... iifym and it makes you happy...

    I agree, though I doubt she can hit proper macros with the remaining 1050 cals, not to mention micros
  • chevy88grl
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    I won't lecture you on your personal choices. Weight loss is a personal journey and we all choose to walk down that path in our own way. I "waste" nearly 300 calories a day on my candy bar. Could I give it up? Well, sure. Do I want to give it up? Well, no.

    My best advice to you would be.. cut it out for a few days and see if it gets better. I can't drink a heavy beverage like that without ending up with a stomachache. It may just be too much for your system and you need to try and find a slightly healthier alternative to it.
  • Jade0529
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    could you have a gluten intolerance? I found this: Their light syrups contain gluten

  • tziol
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    Make yourself a coffee at home in the morning if you can or replace frappe with other coffee that has less calories and drink it without sugar. I drink 1-2 coffees a day but usually make it myself (strong coffee with a bit of milk no sugar... its only 25-50 cals per mug).
  • emilyisbonkers
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    after you factor that in you only have 1050 calories left. It will be hard to hit your micros and macros using so many cals for a drink that has essentially nothing in it. I would re-evaluate this drink for that reason. Now if you were eating 2200 cals/day you could still easily hit your micro and macro targets getting 550 empty cals, but not on an intake as low as yours.

    thankyou, this is what I was saying