Favorite Pressure Cooker Recipes



  • dianacannon89
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    I just got the Instant Pot! I walked around my kitchen and threw in random things frozen chicken breasts, dry kidney beans, water, baby carrots, spices, coconut oil ITS AWESOME!
  • FirecrackerJess
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    I just bought one of those microwave pressure cookers, I think its not right. I am reading that its not really a pressure cooker, the Chef Renzo Micromaster Pressure Cooker. Guess I'll have to take it back. Has no instructions or anything on it. Anyone use a microwave one?
  • Mygsds
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    I LOVE my pressure cooker. Talk about a time saver.

    Barbecued ribs. Just brown , put in onion , little water salt and pepper. Cook 10 minutes on 15 lbs pressure
    Take out, cover with fav barbecue sauce put in oven 20 minutes at 350. Eating in 1/2 hour from start to finish. The meat is so tender and flavorful.

    You can also do meatballs and all kinds of different veggies. I use it for mashed potatoes because it only takes 5 minutes.
  • FirecrackerJess
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    Well I used the Microwave Pressure Cooker I got for 9.99 twice. Last night I made chicken with baby carrots and russet potatoes in some tomato sauce. Tonight I made stew meat in a beef broth with baby carrots and red potatoes, both were awesome! I guess I'll be keeping this little plastic bucket gadget.

    I got a question though, how do you make rise when cooking a meat too? You don't put them in both at the same time do you? Like the chicken I put it for 20 minutes, the meat stew 18. Would the rice not get ruined by that long?
  • mockchoc
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    I just think of mine as the same thing basically as my lovely slow cooker just a ton faster and I can brown meat etc in it but can't in the slow cooker. Plus the newer ones aren't as risky as the old fashioned sort. I believe everyone should have one.
  • bohojourney
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    Love mine...great for:

    1) Spaghetti Bolonaise
    2) Chilli Con Carne
    3) Curries/Stews
    4) Indian Dahl/legume dishes
  • wandikarie
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    My daughter is a vegetarian so we eat a lot of legumes. My mother in law had given me her old jiggle top and I dug it out of the basement to cut down on the time needed to cook beans. That inspired me to buy a fancy kuhn rikon on sale online. I bought a copy of Cooking Under Pressure by Lorna Sass and have been making all kinds of wonderous, easy meals.

    the thing that amazes me most is the way the flavors blend in such a short time. I'll post some recipes later....I'm on my way to work at the moment!
  • Jsphine
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    I am also looking for some good pressure cooking recipes.
  • ki4yxo
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    Chicken stew, beef stew, corned beef and cabbage, fresh beets,
    dried beans, Posole, corn on the cob, potatoes, chili (Alton Brown),
    stocks, etc. I use it a couple of times a week. Cook in minutes, not
    in hours!

    I'll post up some recipes when I get a chance. Oh, get at an 8 quart
    that goes up to 15psi. Sometimes I wish I had a 12 quart!
  • MA_B
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    Our favourite is our sausage and bacon casserole: Onion, bacon (all fat removed), low fat sausages, browned. Add I tin baked beans, I tin chopped tomatoes, variety of root vegetables (carrots, swede, parsnips, sweet potato), other veg ( peas, sweetcorn, cauli, broccoli), other tin of beans, new potatoes. Add extra water, Gloucestershire sauce, tomato puree, brown sauce to taste.

    Everytime it's slightly different depending upon what we have in the store cupboard! I cook loads and freeze the extra (if I don't have to give it away to family and friends!)
  • julzzz4
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    bumping for ideas as I just got one for Christmas. I have pretty much just been doing everything I do in the slow cooker. :wink:
  • JackieAC1951
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    Bump for later. Thanks for sharing.
  • corinneselene
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    Other than different stocks (I am obsessed), I love Stuffed Artichokes in the pressure cooker!
  • Josyurtos23
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    It's too long for me to post recipes but I use my pressure cooker for a lot of things I'll just give you the times for each.

    Meat sauce 15 minutes
    Boiled potatoes for mashed 7 minutes
    Marinara sauce 7 minutes
    Black bean soup 17 minutes
    Split pea soup 20 minutes
    Lentil soup 20 minutes

    I use it a lot for Cuban food.

    A good reference book is "pressure cooker for dummies" bc it teaches you how to use one safely and how to cook each meat and vegetables so that you can adapt your own recipes to the cooker. This reference book is for a standard pressure cooker. Lots of good basic recipes for beans too
  • Bzmom22
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    I have also been trying to use mine more. My two kids both play hockey so sometimes our dinners need to fit into a tight schedule. I have found lots here.
    I haven't tried them all yet, slowly getting braver and more adventurous.
  • ki4yxo
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    Here's one for now. I had a few recipes I postes in another thread,
    but can't find it now.


    Beef for Stew - Boneless, 3 pounds (cubed 1”-2")
    Baby Red Potatoes Package 24 oz
    Fresh 4 Medium Carrots - Peel, cut in to thirds.
    Onions 2 - cut in half, then quarter
    Hunt's - Stewed Tomatoes (100% Natural), 2 - 14.5 oz.cans
    Fresh/Raw - White Button Mushrooms 16 ounce - kept whole
    Large Ear of Corn 4 ears - Snapped in half
    Garlic, Minced, Spice World, 1 tsp (2 cloves of fresh)
    Bay Leaf, Whole - 2 leaves
    Hungarian Paprika - 2 tsp
    Ground Black Pepper - 0.5 tsp
    Johnny's - Seasoning Salt to taste
    Red wine – 8 ounces (1 cup)
    Water – 16 ounces (2 cups)

    Cook stew meat in pressure cooker at 15 psi for 20 minutes in wine and water.
    Add all other ingredients, bring up to 15psi and cook for 5 minutes.
    Run cold water over the cooker, to release pressure.

    Open up, and enjoy!

    Make 8 huge servings.

  • Doberdawn
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    That looks yummy. I recently made really tender chicken in it. I'd love a good barbecue sauce recipe for making chicken the pressure cooker. Anyone have one?
  • Annieway987
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    I have a Nesco cooker that browns, pressure cooks and slow cooks. I cooked in it every day for several months when my kitchen was being remodeled and I had no stove. I was exploring pressure cooking more and more during that time but since I got my stove back I haven't used it as much. This topic is going to get me going again on pressure cooking again.

    This cooker works great. You can brown in it so no extra messy pot to clean up. When I was stove-less I even used the browning setting to cook omelettes!
  • ki4yxo
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    That looks yummy. I recently made really tender chicken in it. I'd love a good barbecue sauce recipe for making chicken the pressure cooker. Anyone have one?

    Thanks! You can use chicken as well, just use white wine instead
    of red. You can just use water, but at 480 calories it's quite the filling
    dish! I think the wine is a little less than 200 calories divided by 8!

    (has cook times for 10 and 15 psi cookers)

    I like the older ones that go up to 15 psi. I have an 8 quart,
    but really want a 12 quart. Got mine on ebay for about $20.
    Try to make sure it comes with the seal, and jiggler! If not,
    you can still find parts all over the internet for them.. :wink:
  • ki4yxo
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    Are you looking for a BBQ sauce recipe, or a recipe for BBQ chicken?
    I've done pulled pork, using the lean pork roast that comes in the net.
    I cut the net off, 1/4 the roast, and cook it for about an hour with a little
    George's BBQ sauce, and water. (15 psi of course!) Then I shred the
    pork, and use the remainder of the George's to sauce the pulled pork.

    http://www.georgesbbqsauce.com/ It rocks!

    Great pulled pork in about an hour! I've done the whole Boston Butt on
    the grill using indirect heat, and a rotisserie. The sauce is the boss,
    and I like the pressure cooker better because the cut of pork doesn't
    have all the fat.