How do you eat your cottage cheese?



  • DontEatTheCake3
    with a spoon most of the time. a fork works too.

    Oh... so THAT'S what those things are for... thanks man, been lost my entire life.
  • subsonicbassist
    subsonicbassist Posts: 117 Member
    It might sound weird, but on a whim I tried it with a bit of Stevia mix (half stevia/half raw sugar) and cinnamon and it was great! I actually liked the little bit of crunch the sugar granules gave it, though I have no problem eating it plain by the carton (I eat at least a cup every day!!!). My wife hated it though, but I agree with salt and pepper, berries, and it's great on potatos and sweet potatos too!
  • Pusheenthecat
    Pusheenthecat Posts: 20 Member
    I eat my cottage cheese with cinnamon!
  • ker95texas
    ker95texas Posts: 304 Member
    a gazillion years ago when in WW, I would make this ' not-so-Danish pastry' and remember it as YUMMY!

    1 slice crisp toast (I used whole wheat)
    2 ounces (1/4 cup) nonfat cottage cheese
    ⅛ teaspoon ground cinnamon
    ⅛ teaspoon vanilla
    ½ teaspoon sugar or sugar substitute
    Mix the cottage cheese with cinnamon, vanilla and sugar or sugar substitute. Spread on toast and place under the broiler until warmed through and beginning to bubble.
    Serve while warm.
    Variation: Top with 1 – 2 tablespoons drained crushed pineapple.
    Martha’s Notes

    Nutritional Estimates Per Serving: 118 calories, 1.2 g fat, 17.6 carbs, 1.2 g fiber, 10.5 g protein

    now i just eat it with a spoon (or fork)....
  • Lizabelle1212
    Lizabelle1212 Posts: 252 Member
    I like mixing sriracha sauce in with it. Yum.
  • trybefan
    trybefan Posts: 488 Member
    I literally throw just about any thing in it.

    Veggies, tuna, kimchi, spinach, hot sauce,
  • carinthea
    carinthea Posts: 97 Member
    I tend to eat mine on a jacket sweet potato with some cinnamon and black pepper. Absolutely delicious.
  • Sandyslosenit
    Sandyslosenit Posts: 322 Member
    I loooove cottage cheese just plain, but I also eat it :
    -In half of a cantalope as a meal in the summer. Low Cal, high protein, and so delish!!
    -with black raspberry jam mixed in.
    -in my salad as a topping.
    -mixed in my pasta bake.
    -with any canned fruit in lite syrup.
    -mixed with a tbls of ranch dressing and blended as a veggie or chip dip.
    -now I know this one is strange, but its good - in a bowl with hot applesauce and cinnamon over top.
    Enjoy! :drinker:
  • 302cupcake
    I use it in place of mayo to make egg salad.
  • rwieber
    rwieber Posts: 188 Member
    I love to eat it with carrots! YUM
  • ladyu
    ladyu Posts: 70 Member
    cottage cheese, green onion, seasoning salt
  • MYhealthyjourney70
    MYhealthyjourney70 Posts: 276 Member
    I mix fruit into it.. you can do all with it. i have seen people put it on salad in place of dressing (haven't tried that one yet)
    I love cottage cheese so i can eat it by itself.
  • polarsjewel
    polarsjewel Posts: 1,726 Member
    I can eat it plain,, mixed with unsweetened apple sauce, with sliced bananas, with fresh or frozen berries.

    My husband eats it with either 1,000 Island or Ranch Dressing...
  • IvanCasillas
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    #1 1 cup cottage cheese, half a diced apple, 1/4 cup slivered almonds, small bunch of raisins or dried cranberries & cinnamon.

    #2 mix in a 1/4 cup or more with scrambled eggs

    #3 mix in some ranch seasoning and eat with wheat thins
  • likitisplit
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  • sdionnemoore
    sdionnemoore Posts: 45 Member
    1/2 cup cottage cheese
    1 scoop ON Rich Chocolate Protein powder
    1 T unsweetened cocoa (cuz I love dark chocolate!)
    sprinkle of instant coffee, optional
    4 coffee cubes (I take a pot of coffee and pour it into ice cube trays, freeze, pop them out and store in a bag for use with my smoothies)
    1/2 cup almond milk or Skim
  • SuperTiredMom
    SuperTiredMom Posts: 172 Member
    Salads, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, on spaghetti and goulash, cheese ravioli, on eggs, on french fries, on fish. Love it!
    Oh and I also eat it plain, too.
  • deksgrl
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    I use it in place of mayo to make egg salad.

    Interesting idea, I think I'll try that.
  • _John_
    _John_ Posts: 8,642 Member
    Options consuming fewer calories daily than my metabolism needs over time.
  • jwhackers84
    jwhackers84 Posts: 43 Member
    sometimes with fruit (especially pineapple- yum!), sometimes with just lots of fresh cracked black pepper and sometimes with a bit of catalina salad dressing mixed in. That might sound gross, but it's sooo good!