5'2" shorty loses 75lbs

Broejen Posts: 413 Member
On March 30th I reached the milestone of losing 75lbs. It's hard to believe I was that much overweight and still have about 15lbs to go. That's a lot of extra fat for anyone, let alone someone who is 5'2"! As always, I took progress pics and a picture of me in my Before Jeans. :)


And here are my measurements as of today along with the difference from a few weeks after I started.
Neck- 14.8 to 12 (-2.8")
Waist- 42 to 30 (-12")
Hips- 47.5 to 36.5 (-11")
BMI- 39.1 to 26.1
Body Fat- 52.3% to 30%
Clothing- size 18/20 jeans & 2XL shirts to size 10 jeans & small/medium shirts.

ETA: About 95% of my exercise is walking, on average 10km at a time. I have tried some DVD workouts and sometimes use the treadmill for running intervals too. I prefer walking outside to anything else though. I do not lift...yet.


  • Livin4me1969
    Livin4me1969 Posts: 745 Member
    You look AMAZING!! Great work you should be very proud!! :drinker:
  • rubixrube3
    rubixrube3 Posts: 2 Member
    Congrats you look great, and much happier too! Thanks for the inspiration.
  • sbro32
    sbro32 Posts: 130 Member
    Wow!!! You look wonderful!!
  • amber_michelle30
    amber_michelle30 Posts: 108 Member
    You look great!!!
  • TraciStivers
    TraciStivers Posts: 116 Member
    WOW!!! Congrats!
  • rachaelfokey27
    rachaelfokey27 Posts: 7 Member
    You look incredible! What kind of workouts did you do?
  • ShutupndMovee257
    ShutupndMovee257 Posts: 316 Member
    oh my god! I mean I know everyone is saying it but you look beyond amazing! Amazing transformation and you look so beautiful! Keep up the wonderful work
  • choll80
    choll80 Posts: 25 Member
    Awesome job!!
  • Your progress in PHENOMENAL! Holy geez!

    I'm 5'2" on good days and 5'1" on regular days... so I feel that shorty statement with gusto. I lost 85lbs a year back, and it took so long to see large progress because of my stature. I've gained back some since then, but your progress...


    (Seriously fantastic job!!! xo)
  • RozayJones
    RozayJones Posts: 409 Member
    Awesome job! Great motivation :flowerforyou:
  • softncudly
    softncudly Posts: 722 Member
    Fantastic! Great job.:bigsmile: :happy:
  • obum88
    obum88 Posts: 262 Member
    Wow! You look amazing
  • ToBeCountry
    ToBeCountry Posts: 81 Member
    AMAZING! Great before and after photos! Keep up the great dedication!
  • skeo
    skeo Posts: 471 Member
    great job!
  • 1HappyRedhead
    1HappyRedhead Posts: 413 Member
    Amazing!! :flowerforyou:
    Very inspirational!
  • zyxst
    zyxst Posts: 9,134 Member
    Love to have your progress. :drinker:
  • Fit4_Life
    Fit4_Life Posts: 828 Member
    Congrats on your loss! You look absolutely terrific! What a great accomplishment! :flowerforyou:
  • catawbalovely
    catawbalovely Posts: 19 Member
    Great job! Awesome work!
  • laurelthistle
    laurelthistle Posts: 145 Member
    Great job - you look amazing!!!!
  • DucklingtoSwan
    DucklingtoSwan Posts: 169 Member
    Hokey smokes! You were cute to begin with but now you've gone from cute to stunning! And those abs, whoo-hoo! I too am a 5'2" (barely) shorty, am 25 lbs. down and have 75 to go to get to my First Goal of 100 lbs. lost. Thank you for showing me living proof that it CAN be done!!! :-)
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