Help need friends and motivation!

Hi everyone I just wanted to post to see if I can get some inspiration. Like many people, I have tried many diets (including the myfitnesspal lifestyle three times) and somehow I end up giving up and gaining more weight. Last year I was doing good on the four hour body diet (Tim Ferris) and was weighing around 130lbs and still feeling uncomfortable in my own body. Now fast forward to now I'm 36lb more than I was then (at an overall high of 166!) Which I have never been before!!! I'm very upset and plan on sticking to this hopefully. I'm a medical student who has gained all this weight after I broke my diet when I moved to NY to start school and due to my bad eating habits and my super sedentary lifestyle I am now shocked with myself. I never knew I could weigh this much. My clothes no longer fit and it is embarrassing having to wear sweaters and stretchy pants every day. I'm starting with a Jillian Michaels (Ripped in 30) video to see if I can start getting back in shape. I ran a half marathon 2 years ago when I was at my best, and now I can't even walk up hill without feeling tired. If anyone wants to be friends or has any advice, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you everyone. I'm excited to get started and never look back. Day 1, check! :)


  • Add me, I will do my best to encourage you :)
  • fifimuzo
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    Hi! Today is my day 1 as well :D

    I started using the C25K app today which I have heard so many good thing about.

    my advice would be to write EVERYTHING down! Every little sip of soft drink of every biscuit. Whatever the case may be and from there you can see the areas in which you need to improve.

    If you have an item of clothing or a special event coming up that you could use as your motivation?
    Write your goals on a piece of paper and break them down into small manageable pieces then reward yourself when you reach a 'mini goal'.

    You can add me if you like :D
  • nanakaryn
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    Hello. I would love to encourage you. And I want a few new friends on this site as well. I don't mean to hijack your post but i don't know how to start a new thread. Anyways. Just getting serious about this weight thing and eating junk junk and more junk. Sounds like your mindset is directed correctly and I'll try to keep it that way. Let's motivate together and I welcome others to join me.
  • lpava
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    Thank you everyone! Unfortunately it is the junk food that i love so much that keeps me from being healthy. I love anything sweet-ice cream, oreos, cake, gosh ! :X and I love fast food :(

    I actually had an event last week which was an eye opener when I couldn't fit in any of my dresses. It was devastating, and when I went to the mall I just couldnt find a dress that fit me. It was horrible, but I do have my 4 year anniversary coming up in a month. That is a great idea, I will work hard towards that! Thank you!

    But I appreciate all of you wanting to help me. Lets do this! :)
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    Hey there! I already sent you a friend request. I know how hard it is to keep the weight off in med school, I've been through it. Now I'm ready to lose the weight myself, and would be happy to help motivate you as well! Med school is stressful enough without adding the extra frustration from weight gain.