You look young



  • mobrien0527
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    14 lol
  • Corpsebride81
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    most people think 25
  • Crimson_Fire
    Crimson_Fire Posts: 2,504 Member
    People usually think 16-19, depending on if I am wearing makeup. I always hate when patients say, "No...I asked to speak with the RN, not the're too young to be my nurse." Grrr.
  • BinaryPulsar
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    I think it varies. I'm 36. Sometimes people think I am 18, and card me. Other times people think I am under 22 and college aged. And sometimes people think I am 25. I don't think I look as young as people think I am, but I do appreciate it.
  • drmcglone
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    Why do you ask? :huh:
  • Misslisareformed1
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    40 lol
  • NyxNine
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    12-14. Someone asked if I was glad school was out for awhile and I had no idea what they were talking about. So sad.
  • ILoveGingerNut
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    No Idea. In my early thirties they used to thing I was in my twenties, but I believe I deteriorated quite a bit over the last couple of years.
  • Lilly_the_Hillbilly
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    I think the older I get, the more I look closer to my age but I used to get mid 20's a lot and I'm going to be 37 soon.
  • Guess how old I am, no cheating.
  • Sinisterly
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    Guess how old I am, no cheating.
  • Guess how old I am, no cheating.

  • kewpiecyster
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    I used to look a lot younger than I am...but having a round face certainly helps keep wrinkles away. As I am losing weight, I am noticing laugh lines and such. *sigh* I guess if that is the worst side-effect of weight loss, I will take it. (my profile pic is outdated...I was 50 pounds heavier then)
  • Sinisterly
    Sinisterly Posts: 10,913 Member
    Guess how old I am, no cheating.

    Amazing genes. Props.
  • MysteriousMerlin
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    I look about 27-29, I guess (I'll be 37 in June). I wear sunblock and stay out of the sun most of the time, and I moisturize daily.

    I also don't drink or smoke.
  • KittiePerry
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    Not sure, I know kids used to mistake me as a teacher when I was younger. No clue now lol
  • 15-18 usually
  • SunofaBeach14
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  • Roisindubh32
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    Yep, I've been guessed constantly at 23 or 24. Some pretty hilarious stories attached to that too. lol. When I was younger, I absolutely hated it. At 25, I was told by the doorman of a bar "You are over 18, and my dear, I am the Queen of England. Cya." I stopped getting carded by 28, but I still get mistaken for the same number of years younger than I am. The older I get, the more I appreciate that fact now. :D