What heavy weights can do for you (pix!)



    UFITYETXX Posts: 38
    Love this! You look amazing...congrats on your success...im creeping toward the free weights section slowly but surely :)
  • ashleykawalek
    ashleykawalek Posts: 20 Member
    I just started heavy lifting more but I have been nervous about it! I can see its worth it! Great post so thank you for being awesome motivation and sharing this!
  • rieann84
    rieann84 Posts: 511 Member
    thank you so much for posting this. I just started lifting and have been so discouraged as I barely can do a few squats with the bar on my shoulder. Can't even do one single push up. When I leave the gym I sometimes think "there is no way I can do this" . You have given me hope that it is doable . I just cannot understand why lifting seems so difficult and foreign to me, despite the fact that I love other exercise such as running and spinning.
    Thank you for the encouraging post, you look great. I am sure you will inspire many of us.

    Please keep at it! I haven't even been doing this for very long..but I started squatting with just the bar, or the bar +10 lbs. Now, i'm looking at using the big girl plates soon (45s). I started out doing "girl" pushups on the knees. I finally am able to do some real pushups (i do 4 at a time). You can get there, just keep at it!
  • enidite
    enidite Posts: 92 Member
    oh those push ups are still killing me:frown: . I do them against the window sill and still can't do that many, but hopefully that will change.
    Congrats on your great progress.
  • Star_1234
    Star_1234 Posts: 123 Member
    I loved reading this! Congrats and thank you for sharing your story! X
  • drewmmm
    drewmmm Posts: 130 Member
    You look great, but I only have one question - do you wish you started earlier? Because I'm kind of close to my goal now and am thinking about starting weights in a couple of weeks.
  • BRA_S
    BRA_S Posts: 111 Member
  • determinedbutlazy
    determinedbutlazy Posts: 1,941 Member
    You look amazing, well done!
  • snazzyjazzy21
    snazzyjazzy21 Posts: 1,298 Member
    Now all I need is a gym membership...
  • lacurandera1
    lacurandera1 Posts: 8,083 Member
    Great work! Your legs are starting to show some nice definition!
  • BinaryPulsar
    BinaryPulsar Posts: 8,927 Member
    Wonderful!!!! Were you featured on bony to bombshell? I saw your pics on there today and recognized you from here.
  • aloedding
    aloedding Posts: 9 Member
    Fantastic results!
  • b7bbs
    b7bbs Posts: 158 Member
    You look amazing! Great results. I signed up for their newsletter.
  • harphy
    harphy Posts: 290 Member
    I just started heavy lifting more but I have been nervous about it! I can see its worth it! Great post so thank you for being awesome motivation and sharing this!

    No need to feel nervous even if you are the only woman in free weights - BOYZ! - section ever. Most of us are very lonely there; and you know what? We don't give a damn. We rock!
  • RobinLynx
    RobinLynx Posts: 60
    Just stopped in to get inspired--WOW, you look amazing!! You are ABSOLUTELY inspiring--thanks!
  • StacyRenee77
    StacyRenee77 Posts: 2,732 Member
    Very nice!!
  • frumpy2fitness
    You look great!
  • belinda_b
    belinda_b Posts: 70 Member
    What macros have you used throughout weightloss and bulking? I know you said you measure and weigh your food, but are you very strict with what you eat like absolutely no sugar etc? You look amazing!
  • WillUAre
    WillUAre Posts: 81 Member
    Love your body transformation.
  • laineybz
    laineybz Posts: 704 Member
    Wow your body shape has completely changed! Well done, you look fab! This is enough to finally get me to start lifting!
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