What is the best deodarant/anti



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    I've tried several over the years but I always wind up going back to the same one.


    It's the only one that covers all the bases for me. No odor, no sweating. They scented and unscented varieties and the all seem to work well. I like fresh scent the best because it's extremely light scented but nice.
  • I make my own out of baking soda, coconut oil, and gmo-free cornstarch. Plenty of videos and recipes online!!
  • certain dry in stick form is awesome!
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    I'm not very sweaty or stinky, so just patting on baking soda (you can add essential oil to it for scent) usually works for me. I can't stand deodorant residue on my skin, so for those hardcore days, when baking soda just won't do :wink: , the only thing I can use is unscented aerosol stuff in a can - pretty much any brand. (I use unscented because you don't need a gas mask to use it, unlike the overwhelming fumes of the scented kinds.) There is no irritation, no residue and it dries instantly. Highly recommend. :drinker:
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    I use one of secret's 48 hour ones and always liked it but I'm noticing I sweat more now when I work out than I ever used too, so I will have to check into some of the suggestions. I need something stronger and more effective as an antiperspirant but am sensitive to a lot of brands.
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    I make my own out of baking soda, coconut oil, and gmo-free cornstarch. Plenty of videos and recipes online!!

    Ditto. I was surprised how well it worked and like that I don't have to scrub my armpits raw to get the residue off. Plus, it rocks my socks that I can scent it however I like, if I choose.
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    I've always been super self conscious of how much I sweat & literally avoid certain colors and materials because of how easily they show sweat. I did a search online & found a spray-on antiperspirant called Odaban. It's not really a 'deodorant' per se, and is really only for people who sweat a ton, but it works really well. You have to put it on very last thing before bed & wash it off in the morning. It can also be really irritating if you use it wrong or use it too often. Either way, I love it & it has kept me from being so self-conscious of my underarm sweating!

    For normal deodorant, I'm a cheap-o. I use Suave wild cherry blossom. I think you can get two-packs of it for like $3 or less at Walmart. I LOVE how Dove GoFresh smells [the original with the green lid], but it's just so expensive!
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    Antiperspirant isn't so important to me. I do sweat, I just feel it isn't excessive unless I'm exercising (in which case I'm usually able to rinse off after). I use the crystal deodorants. They are basically salt rock, which helps control the bacteria that make you smell. There are a few brands, most of which are unscented and good for men and women. It works all day for me and if for some reason I'm not able to shower, a second application usually does the trick for me.
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    I had a sample of Secret clinical strength and that worked well
    I also like Secret scent expressions vanilla

    but honestly also just plain baking soda works amazing. If you have sensitive skin it can make your underarms red/tender so you may have to take breaks from it, but it works %100 and I say this as someone who sweats a lot when I work out/in the summer.

    ps you will still sweat, but you won't stink
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    I also don't like the scent of a lot of deoderants or the white residue. Personally I like clear gel Secret scent expressions vanilla (as someone above me just mentioned). It works for me.
  • I love Degree EXPERT PROTECTION WITH MOTIONSENSE!! It works for me!!
  • Do you not realize that your skins one of the most important organs that eliminates toxins from your body through sweat.. considering that your your body stores toxins in your fat cells when you sweat along with fat you remove accumulated toxins but although that isn't the best way for toxins to be removed,.. having a clean colon, liver, kidney and intestinal track not only does promote a healthy bodily function but it actually allows you to absorb nutrients out of your food better so I say do not use and antiperspirants and regularly detoxify your body! Hope that helps!
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    I prefer dove. If I have it on I never ever smell, even when it's summer.
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    The best that I have ever used was a natural deodorant I picked up at a farmers market. Worked wonders on sweat and smell (I can get very smelly) and it didn't stain my clothes,

    unfortunately for me though, I developed a sensitivity to it and had to give it up.
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    I love NOW Solutions which is a long-lasting deodorant cream with a very light scent! It really does stop odors due, I think, to the zinc oxide. It doesn't contain the aluminum and other chemicals of antiperspirants. I'm not trying to stop my body from sweating, but have tried various, more natural types of deodorant to help with odor to no avail. This is the first one I have found to stop odors all day!

    The problem may be in finding it in your local grocery or pharmacy. I get mine online from Swanson Vitamin. Vitamin Shoppe and any natural food store would probably also carry it.
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    I use Sure Maximum Protection - super strong. You actually apply it before bed & it keeps you dry all the next day - even after showering. Not sure how it works, but it is a god send. I've pretty much tried every deoderant available over the years.
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    I guess I have a weird body because every kind of deodorant I've used works well for me? I generally stick to Degree Motion Sense simply because they smell the best in my opinion. But I hear Degree Clinical works best for most of my friends and cosplay buddies. Trust us, when you're in an expensive costume all weekend, you don't want it smelling bad or sweating, and they say it does the job well.
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    Thank you all for contributing and sharing your tips and secrets :) Much appreciated!!!