lost 110 pounds so far with 12 more to go with pics



  • Go_Mizzou99
    Go_Mizzou99 Posts: 2,628 Member

  • lkilton
    lkilton Posts: 105 Member
    WOW!! Great motivation for a Monday morning. Super job!!
  • eganita
    eganita Posts: 501 Member
    Amazing story! Way to go!
  • Kelly_Runs_NC
    Kelly_Runs_NC Posts: 474 Member
    Rock on buddy - great job!!
  • iRun_Butterfly
    iRun_Butterfly Posts: 483 Member
    "Just make sure your good days far outweigh your bad ones"

    That about sums it up!! Thank you so much for sharing, and congratulations! You look fantastic and are an inspiration sir!
  • karenmcwilly53
    karenmcwilly53 Posts: 41 Member
    You look amazing! Thanks for the inspirational words too.
  • ezloshead
    ezloshead Posts: 167 Member
    You look so happy now!
  • KatDJZ
    KatDJZ Posts: 224 Member
    That's so awesome! You look great and are such an inspiration.
  • rileysowner
    rileysowner Posts: 7,889 Member
    Great job. You look amazing.
  • SkinnyBubbaGaar
    SkinnyBubbaGaar Posts: 389 Member
    Wow. Well done.
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,372 Member
  • Happymom83
    Happymom83 Posts: 405 Member
  • quellybelly
    quellybelly Posts: 827 Member
    WOW what an amazing transformation! Way to go, I'm sure you have inspired so many people with this post - including me! Thanks for sharing! Best of luck with the rest of your journey :)
    SCSTWG Posts: 182 Member
    Unbelievable. Great job and very inspiring.
  • NesaM
    NesaM Posts: 1
    WOW!!! I was not expecting that before and after. You look amazing. Your story is so inspiring.
  • beaches61
    beaches61 Posts: 154 Member
    Thanks for sharing, mart. You look great!

    You have done amazing work, and you are one of my most inspirational friends.

    So glad to have met you. :)
  • Miss_TeaPot
    Miss_TeaPot Posts: 55 Member
    Just so wonderful! You look great. Truly an inspiration!
  • kneely1786
    kneely1786 Posts: 70 Member
  • soberlicious
    soberlicious Posts: 121 Member
    i salute you!!
  • cggrlsteph
    cggrlsteph Posts: 36 Member
    Great job! You look really good, and younger. I am always shocked how much younger people look as they lose weight.

    Keep up the amazing job, you have inspired me today!
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