Before & Afters?



  • laineybz
    laineybz Posts: 704 Member
  • amwood89
    amwood89 Posts: 165 Member
    About 210lbs, 2010

    150, 2014
  • Myxalplyx
    Myxalplyx Posts: 129 Member

    Great pics! And yes, that is a cool Doctor Who shirt. I don't even watch Doctor Who but I know a Tardis when I see one. ;-)
  • wifeymou1112
    wifeymou1112 Posts: 129 Member
    You are all legends! I want before and after photos!!! :-o
  • vanillacoffee
    vanillacoffee Posts: 1,024 Member
    Me with the Colonel in Corbin, KY at the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.


    Me last summer. I do have a leg, it's just hiding behind the bike.


    DAMN! Wow. Congrats!
  • vanillacoffee
    vanillacoffee Posts: 1,024 Member
    Had my second child Jan 6th 2014 weighted 205lbs before the C-section with at pre-pregnancy weight of 156... I Gained about 70lbs with my first child and was up to 235lbs at her c-section 3/25/2011.. and lost all the way down to 139lbs by 6/15/2012!!! Then got pregnant with my son in may of 2013 and went from 156 to 205lbs... This is After I had him Jan 6th 2014 <3 (3 months ago)


    Looking fabulous!!
  • Makoce
    Makoce Posts: 938 Member
    Professional Photos Redone

    Charted a year!
    Not sure what weights these was - recent
    ( sorry about undies )

    Strength Training Progress, Abs
    Strength Training Progress, Biceps

    Holy Crowe!!!!!!!! Super awesome!!!!!! What was your routine when you started? Your transformation is insane!! :):)

    Thanks! My original routine was just walking and hiking.
    Then I moved onto elliptical training, and now im doing no cardio and just strength.
  • megxmas95
    megxmas95 Posts: 26
    This is the photo I label 'the worst photo of me ever taken' (there are a lot to choose from) I'm probably around 213lbs at 5'7" here


    Aaaand here I am 10 and a half months later down 80 or so pounds

  • smantha32
    smantha32 Posts: 6,990 Member
    This is a before and during. Haven't reached my GOAL yet but I'm working on it :) Funny thing is when I look in the mirror I don't see the 80 lb difference.


    You can definitely see the difference in your face.
  • MelonJMusic
    MelonJMusic Posts: 121 Member
    [img] Uploads/bf08830d-b3cb-4269-abd7-9a21a2705882_zpsda87974f.jpg[/img]

    Hi all! 24 and 5'6". First two pictures about 180lbs, second two about 135lbs.

    Taken earlier this week at about 123lbs :)

    LOVE it! I'm hoping to see these results in my journey. Congrats!
  • phxxtc
    phxxtc Posts: 2
    Holy F-Bomb!!! You look great! I hope I will have one of these B&A shocker photos
  • opalsqueak007
    opalsqueak007 Posts: 433 Member
    These transformations are amazing -all of them. Fantastic. Thanks very much for the inspiration - I am only 20 days in, and this has really helped me - thanks :)
  • wow you all look sssoooo good :) seeing all of these before and afters is definitely great motivation! good job guys & gals :)
  • LarDoucheLar
    LarDoucheLar Posts: 171 Member
    This thread is so amazing! :) I'm feeling well and truely inspired.
  • pusheen12
    pusheen12 Posts: 192 Member
    Wow, good for you, congrats. You look so much trimmer, however, you are very pretty in both. Happy for you!
  • pusheen12
    pusheen12 Posts: 192 Member
  • Songbirdie90
    Songbirdie90 Posts: 35 Member

    Starting: 20yo 370lbs
    Current: 23yo 170lbs

    More about my motivation to lose weight --

    Wow, epic transformation and you are hot!!! Haha
  • die2fat4love
    die2fat4love Posts: 149 Member
    Still working on it....on the left about 180 on the right about 340
    [img] Uploads/3a7000fd-4815-401c-8fdf-e18cc5b10c53_zps86c1f4ad.jpg[/img]
  • _Resolve_
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