lost 110 pounds so far with 12 more to go with pics



  • msthang444
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    Good for you!!!!
  • JenToms80
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    Amazing results! :)
  • stephanniehall
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    You look amazing!!!!!
  • kwantlen2051
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    Wow, Good for you! Congrats on taking charge of your health!
  • MaggieTor3
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    Congratulations to you, and thank you very much for sharing your story.

    I'm recovering from blood clots in both lungs last summer and still have a long way to go. I was also run over by a car a dozen years ago and had both ankles and one knee broken, so it's not easy to get the exercise I need. I'm working on it though, and a story like yours that includes recovery from a stroke and weight loss at the same time is truly inspirational. It's not easy to change to a whole new way of doing things, especially as we age, but you've done it and I've started it.

    Thank you again. Stay healthy!

  • bkRaeLynn
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    Awesome work!! Thanks for the advice!
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    My mind has been blown by your transformation, you are seriously winning at life.. go you! Awe-inspiring is an understatement.
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    you've done amazing, congrats!
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    You're an inspiration pal. Congrats. I have 120lbs to lose myself, hopefully I'll have a great success story like you.
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    amazing!!!!! awesome job!!!!!!!!
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    Simply Amazing!
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    You look amazing! Great job, and thanks for the inspiration:smile:
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    Congrats, awesome job :)
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    Wow! You rock! What an incredible difference!
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    Such an amazing transformation! Congratulations!!!
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    What an example you have shown to all of us! Well done an amazing transformation!!!!
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    Your story gave me the shivers. Congratulations to you on your awesome success! :heart:
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    You look amazing!! I admire your hard work and dedication, good job!!
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    Incredible job!
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    Thanks for the inspiration.