Shorties Unite!!! 5'3" and under!!



  • AwesomeLisa
    AwesomeLisa Posts: 21 Member
    5'2" and 150. Would love to find some fellow shorties to discuss the challenges of weight lose in a tall world.
  • Me2FitMe
    Me2FitMe Posts: 1,284 Member
    4'11"-- same stats as you CW 151, GW 140.... atm :)
  • Whoohoo 5'2! Hey guys :)
    SW 138
    CW 128
    GW 115-120
  • Elegra2006
    Elegra2006 Posts: 144 Member

    CW around 146
    GW be able to maintain at 136 (I can eventually lose it all but then shoots back up to 150 odds!)

    Find that being short means no room for deviation from calorie counting and eating and exercising to plan!
  • CarrieAnnH14
    CarrieAnnH14 Posts: 85 Member
    Hi! I am 5 feet exactly. Current weight is about 145. Goal weight is 115.
  • sims2013
    sims2013 Posts: 283 Member
    im 5'3'', 23 years old. I started my weight loss journey weighing in at 229 lbs!!! I currently weigh 191.8! i am feeling great!!! my goal is 160. We are trying to get pregnant so losing weight is a big deal for me to achieve this!!! ive lost 37 lbs in 70 days!! And im still trucking :)
  • Mysticmiss
    Mysticmiss Posts: 4 Member
    Wow, that is awesome! Congrats and keep up the good work!
  • mishtery
    mishtery Posts: 148
    another shorty here.. 5'1 with 13 kilos to lose. originally think 5-6 yrs ago i was a lot heavier. since then I had lost over 20 kgs. never to return to that weight. last yr due to health i did gain due to being immobile. lucky it wasn't massive amounts. I'm back on track and have a new outlook. Now to move onwards and budge the kilos and keep training as I am. :)
  • princessmommy122
    princessmommy122 Posts: 135 Member
    I'm 5'2. SW was 144. CW is 133. GW is 127.
  • rfw24
    rfw24 Posts: 443 Member
    I know this was meant for the ladies and 5'3" and under. But I am a guy that is 5'4", so I am a short dude! Love the short ladies!!!!
  • StephanieT0602
    StephanieT0602 Posts: 58 Member
    5'2" and currently 132 lbs
    Goal weight is between 120 and 115 lbs. Not really stuck on the number, going more by how I feel in my clothes and what I think I can maintain :)
  • kmess12
    kmess12 Posts: 1 Member
    shorties, that's me 5'2". I lose 3 lbs and gain 5 in a weekend :(. It can be so frustrating :(
    weight 144 would love to lose 20.
  • Rnra1954
    Rnra1954 Posts: 4 Member
    4ft 11 1/2 inches. Almost 60 yrs old. Rheumatoid arithritic. STRUGGLING to lose weight.
  • katkins73
    katkins73 Posts: 416 Member
    Hi, Iam pretty new here. I am 5ft1 SW173 CW166 GW 125. Can I ask how you girls find losing? I am set to 1200 cals a day and it says I can only lose 1lb :sad: Have you found this to be the case? It seems like it will be a long journey as the more I lose the less I will be able to lose and I wanted to at least try and get the first 20 lbs off fairly quickly.
  • chickenchaser78
    chickenchaser78 Posts: 89 Member
    I'm 5'2 and 170ish. I would like to get somewhere in the 120/130 ballpark but honestly I don't care about numbers anymore since I'm weight training. Feel free to add me anyone.
  • mylifemychoice1985
    mylifemychoice1985 Posts: 20 Member
    5'1" here current weight 131 goal weight 115-118
  • EllieBMackal
    EllieBMackal Posts: 116 Member
    1.54 m 5 feet. Feel free to add, anybody! i have about 25 pounds to go would love some extra motivation and would love to motivate
  • Hello!

    I'm 5' 1/2"
    GW- 130

    This is my first time writing on a message board! Go shorties!
  • iRun_Butterfly
    iRun_Butterfly Posts: 483 Member
    35 y/o
    SW 208
    CW 158
    GW 135-140ish
  • maskedxhabitx
    maskedxhabitx Posts: 6 Member
    I'm 5'3" SW 160 CW 156 GW 120
    Feel free to add me! I update every day