people who spend 2hrs/per day working out



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    I guess if you want to spend 2 hours a day working out, you will find the time and make it a priority. I got my results only working out 3 days a week for 30-45 minutes each session, so don't think that it's a requirement.

    This. 2 hours is great if working out is your favorite thing in life and you have tons of free time. It's ridiculous otherwise.

    You can easily get a great workout in 30-45 minutes. When I'm stretched for time, I can get a pretty good whole-body workout in 20 minutes and feel no guilt.
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    I go right from work and have a late dinner it is non stop go get em!
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    ...Hard core
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    We make sure that we get at least an hours a day walk and then i will do a quick cardio dvd or 30 day shred while the baby has a sleep there only about 20-25 mins long. X
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    My daughter told me she was impressed that my workouts are at least two hours. I was sort of taken back by why she thought that because my workouts run around 60 to 75 minutes, at most. She said, "Dad, I've seen you go downstairs (workout place) and not come back up for two hours." Then I understood what was happening. Sometimes I'm so tired that when I lie on the mat to stretch I fall asleep for an hour, then wake up refreshed and spend the next hour exercising.
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    I go right from work and have a late dinner it is non stop go get em!
    ...Hard core

    ^^ Could you tell me again what you do? I missed it the first two times.
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    I work out FOR my kid. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't need to be in shape and I probably would not exercise at all! You certainly do not have to pick between the two, and you certainly don't need to do more than 45 - 60 min of working out, unless you simply WANT to do it. Grab a couple of Jillian Michaels DVD's, and that will get you strength training and cardio in like 30 minutes a day. Just keep increasing your weights if you want to see great results with your muscles. If the kids are so small that they need adult supervision, don't waste a 2nd hour working out when you could be playing with them. They are only little once. Exercise with them - take them on a walk or take them swimming. Get them to do workout videos with you. My 3 year old does yoga with me!
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    2 hours is way too long for me. I have 1 hour a day and I make it count w/ high intensity. Quality over quantity wins every time in my book.

    I wish people would stop assuming just because my work out is an hour and forty five minutes I'm doing effing nothing at the gym.

    I lift- I get a lot done- it takes me over an hour to do it.

    that doesn't mean I'm inefficient and I have a crappy work out.

    jesush that's annoying.

    Agreed..mine takes 1 1/2 hours 3x a week..I lift heavy...I don't frig and fart around I lift, rest repeat never taking breaks (if I have to pee I go on my rest period) and I don't chat with folks either, I workout alone at home with music blaring, me sweating etc.

    I work, have a home, friends, social life etc. oh I am a mom to...he is 19 but sometimes he takes more effort and time than a toddler...

    I go for walks on my off days as well or ride my bike or do HIIT...even yesterday in the half rain half snow stupid cold wind maritime weather...

    You do what you have to do to make it work.

    I actually don't even think chatting is a huge crime necessarily- when you start pushing heavier weights- and any form of high volume- it takes TIME to recover to do the next effort. Period.

    If you sit and play on your phone- so be it.
    if I talk to my friend squatting- so be it.
    Play candy crush- walk around- dance (guilty)

    I'm not wasting any more or less time - it's just how I use that time. Rests on heavy lifting can be upwards of 5 minutes between sets.
    now- if you come in do 3 sets of squats and chat between each one and that's all you do- I'm going to raise an eyebrow- but I don't think talking is a sign of a wasted workout- just a matter of HOW MUCH time. LOL

    Goals make a huge difference- yes- for average- staying fit- looking good- doing a solid workout in 45 minutes is totally fine and acceptable- probably not going to get you to the power lifting meet you wanted though- you might need more time under the bar. Training for a marathon/triathalon/ironman- going to need more time than just 3 x a week 45 minute workouts.
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    Majority of my workouts are under an hour and this includes cardio. I work fulltime (shift work) and i'm a 24/7 single parent. With shift work it allows me gym time usually during the week while mini me is in school. My daughter is also in a few programs during the week at my local gym so that gives me 4.5 hours of workout time. Tonight i'll do a longer workout (2 hours) because I need a good long cardio session. Personally I wouldn't be able to fit in 2 hours a day but once or twice a week is manageable.
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    I find that one hour a day workout is enough for me to accomplish my weight loss goals. I only do 1.5 or 2 hours on the weekend if I know I am going to have a bad drinking/eating weekend!

    But that one hour is intense workout where I can burn over 600 calories
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    He gets his time and she can have some time if he says it is ok.

    I hope you are eating a big helping of sweet potatoes with your baked loon..... ;-)

    I checked the OP's profile and she is doing really, really well. Her pictures show she is in excellent shape.

    This from a post she made in another thread....

    "Thanks everyone... I work full time as a nurse and study full time as well as taking care of 3 kids(hubby included)... My shift starts arpt 7am and it,s about an hours drive so I get up at 4am , do about 30-40mins of cardio followed by heavy lifting...I have my own small gym... I squat ,deadlift,bench press and lat pull down, den a couple of dumbells for various isolated routines.. Dats all..I honestly don't know how much cals I consume a day but I guesstimate around 1800... I don't have tym, I just make tym coz it's important to me..just start somewhere "

    She has a home gym. That's good.

    She has a hubby. That's good because it means he is or should be available for splitting duties.

    Maybe her original post needs more clarification from her in terms of why she wants to workout beyond 1.5 hours per day and what her goals are in doing that if she had the ability to combine work, family, and exercise.
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    Kegels-all day every day. :laugh:

    I can't get this nut open. Can you help a sister out?


    Why do you have to work out for 2 hours? Are you training for an event? My longest workout is just under an hour, and that's leg day. I guess if I didn't work or have kids, and had nothing better to do, I could spend 2 hours at the gym, but I don't really see the point. *shrugs*
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    I personally don't see the need to work out 2+ hours a day.

    I walk 60-90 min on the treadmill everyday, WHILE WORKING. I don't consider it "working out" though because I'm not walking very fast, but it's better than sitting on my rear at my desk job.

    Then I usually do a 30-min upper/lower body sculpt class 2x/week during my lunch and 45-min Zumba class 2x/week after work.

    I have 4 kids...and only the Zumba cuts into "family time". But on Zumba nights the kids are at their Kyuki-do (like Karate) class, and I even if I came straight home after work I wouldn't be able to get to their class until it was halfway over anyways, so I feel less guilty using that time for me instead (and then we all get home at the same time).

    Sometimes I'll even make it a family exercise bike ride or walk, or if I really want to sweat, they ride their bikes while I walk/jog/run. Or, I'll walk/jog after they are in bed now that it's still light out in the evenings.

    I had to make it work. You either sacrifice family time or exercise time, or figure out a schedule that accommodates both. A lot of people fit in both by working out in the mornings, but that just hasn't ever worked for me.
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    People are getting offended.

    LOL. Seriously, it's a pretty well-known fact. I don't think there is a single trainer out there that would say that to get in shape and be fit you need to work out more than 1 hour. It's just well-documented and understood.

    With that being said, if you do more than that, it's fine. But, it's worth looking at what you are doing and why you are doing it and maybe rethinking it. More is not better. I see it everyday, and I just can't understand it. I see people doing crazy workouts for hours, It's insane because it's unnecessary, and at some point, the exercise decreases in effectiveness.

    I am far from offended.

    Not one single person in this thread has said to get in shape and be fit you need to work out for more than an hour. It seems to be very well understood in this thread.
    I do see people saying it isn't necessary to work out that long/it's pointless/whatever. Myself and a few others pointed out that it depends on your goals. In some cases, it's not pointless or ineffective or whatever. We also said exactly what you did - that if your goal is to just get fit and lose weight, it is not necessary.
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    You do what you can do.

    My day starts at 6:30am when I shower and it ends at 10pm when my last two kids go to bed. I work, take care of a house, car, pets, four kids, have one community organization I participate in, one older relative I assist with some things. Those hours are full - I never have hours that I'm not doing something related to those items (unless I cheat at work like right now ;). Weekends are a little different because I don't usually work on weekends and there is no school but any single parent of four kids knows full well that there are four days of duties to squeeze into every weekend. People may say we can 'do it all' but that is bull****. Something always suffers - someone or something gets neglected on a daily basis in my life. I set my alarm at 5:30 and do a 30 minute workout video before I shower.. That is what I can do. I could get off work, ignore my kids, throw a bag of chicken nuggets in the oven, and go for a run - but that isn't going to happen. I could tell my elderly aunt to shove off but I'm not doing that either. I could get rid of our family pets - but no. When they say it is about choices and priorities they are right.. The choices and priorities just look different based on individual circumstances.

    No - I do not think people that workout 2 hrs a day neglect their kids or any other part of their life - their life is just different than mine and that is reality so no use comparing and worrying about it.
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    I try to workout with my kids whenever possible. When they were little there were DVDs we did together, where I danced and used the baby as added weight. Then when they were toddlers, I took them to the park, put on my iPod and chased them around. Now I try to play the Wii with them and go on hikes together. I get usually 1.5 hours per day, but it's broken up into 30 minute chunks.
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    I do. I love the gym. *shrug* Sometimes I take 3 hours. :ohwell:
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    My gym has a daycare. I workout 6 days a week. I do have trouble getting house work done.. I'd also like some tips
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    While I understand certain goals require lengthy workouts, but outside of a very narrow band of people, working out 2hrs a day is highly inefficient or unneccesary for the majority of people.