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  • fuzilojak
    fuzilojak Posts: 269 Member
    My name is a twist on Fuzzy Logic and " I've used pretty much since I've been on the internet. :)
  • Luke_I_am_your_spotter
    Luke_I_am_your_spotter Posts: 4,179 Member
    Im a Jersey boy at heart... u can take the guy out of jersey but you cant take jersey out of the guy. Fan of the Devils.
  • ZeldaMarooner7

    Zelda, because my favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda.
    Marooner, because I love the band Maroon 5.
    Seven, because it's my favorite number.
  • JessicaLynne is my first and middle name and 37 is one of my favorite numbers and supposed to bring luck :)
  • rieann84
    rieann84 Posts: 511 Member
    RIE - Valerie
    ANN - middle name
    84 - year I was born

    I used to sign my notes in highschool as "rie" (pronounced REE) to pay homage to a comic that I adored called Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, or for short Nny (pronounced Knee).
  • MrsSausage58
    MrsSausage58 Posts: 143 Member
    I used to be Sausage58 - Sausage because that's what my boyfriend (now husband) calls me (as in, a silly sausage) and 58 was Marco Simoncelli's number in MotoGP. Added the Mrs a few weeks ago when I got married. :drinker:
  • elusive_design
    elusive_design Posts: 1,095 Member
    I had no intent of ever being active or adding anyone to my FL and this is the email I used to sign up >.>
  • fit_war
    fit_war Posts: 985 Member
    Im having a war against my body to get fit :P
  • sweetcurlz67
    sweetcurlz67 Posts: 1,168 Member
    my name and my birthday

    ETA: remember as kids our parents use to ask what we wanted to be when we grew up??? well, my answer was ALWAYS: Bethany!!! and, so here I AM!!! I'm BETHANY!!! LOL :drinker: And I was born on May 4th... in 3 days... :heart:
  • 120by30
    120by30 Posts: 217 Member
    My goal is to be 120 pounds by my 30th birthday. (Which is coming up in 5 months, 1 week)
  • steve2kay
    steve2kay Posts: 194 Member
    my name is steve kay and I was working on Y2K project when I set up my email account, and so thought it would be hilarious to be called steve2kay - it wasn't.
  • Guinness80
    Guinness80 Posts: 39 Member
    Guinness is my horse's name and the year I was born.
  • bashful817
    bashful817 Posts: 8 Member
    What a great topic. :-)
    My sorority nickname was Bashful. We had a big pledge class and they were on a Disney kick! I added my late-husband's birthday to the end.
  • xPeacefulx
    xPeacefulx Posts: 59 Member
    i picked it because i think im pretty peaceful and the x's are just cool looking :smile:
  • IndyCacher
    IndyCacher Posts: 34
    Because I'm a Geocacher and I live in Indy. :)
  • Iceberg_Simpson
    Iceberg_Simpson Posts: 737 Member
    Because my real name is Iceberg Simpson.
  • surfinbird_1981
    surfinbird_1981 Posts: 946 Member
    I love Family Guy and I was born in 1981
  • Derpes
    Derpes Posts: 2,033 Member
  • 1PatientBear
    1PatientBear Posts: 2,089 Member
    Because I am neither a bear nor patient. It's ironic and stuff.
  • odusgolp
    odusgolp Posts: 10,482 Member
    Because... I'm Odus.

    It's also derived from the linux command sudo plog... Cause that's how I roll.