How can people live on 1200 calories?



  • Sbrn_
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    I'm 5'2 and I have a hard enough time as it is sticking to 1500-1600. I'd end up hallucinating and chewing my leg off on 1200. :laugh:

  • _HeartsOnFire_
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    They can't.....not for long periods anyway.

    You've been on MFP for 6 years and only have 9 friends?? Get to cracking girl...

    *shots fired*


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    Its too low for me in the long term. I have ate at 1200-1300 calories in the beginning of my weight loss and have found that I have still lost weight fine upping to 1400-1600. Now I'm trying to maintain! 1200-1300 is doable in the short term and IF you have the right foods. A couple days ago I was at 1400-something and I felt like I ate a lot ( my belly was full! I wanted to eat more due to a run in the morning but couldn't. I actually stuffed chocolate down to get to the 1400's ) .
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    I am having a similar problem , I'm into my third week last week I wentover by two to three hundred calories of my one thousand goal. This week I've been under by as high as a hundred. Not trying too go under but my calories just work out that way I try to find a nutritionists way to add o my dinner, since I don't eat until 15hours later for breakfast.
    . I can't seem to reach my protien goal. Miss that usually running from
    38 and highest of 54, usually somewhere I between. My carbs concern me as before starting I had livedon carbs, two bowls of cereal in the am and a bagel with cream cheese for supper,. And now I use 73 to 135, mostly in between. I am 49, weigh. 134 and 5 feet tall. I used to wake up around seven am, I am currently waking up at nine or even later feeling exhausted after a deep sleep. I haven't started exercise yet.
    Please give me some advice. Thank you.
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    If that's true I guess I am lazy too. Week three and no exercise. Pretty sedimentary except on the three day weekends I spend with my lil grands, but that activity still comes ins quarts, lol. Better than none.
    I think I need some good motivation, like will I lose faster with exercise and about how much? Thanks
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    I dont find it that crazy since I'm trying to lose weight I norm stay in a deficit so cals for me average about 1300 no biggie ^_^


    I do eat exercise calories back, most or all of them. So I am *usually* consuming around 1400 per day. But on days when I don't exercise at all, my base of just 1270 is a very easy number to reach.
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    Thank you
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    It really depends on the person. I have super thin, totally non-active friends who eat 2000, 2500 calories a day, no problem. If I did that I would weigh 500 pounds. I have to stick to 1200-1500 in order to achieve any kind of loss or even just maintenance of the same (high) weight.

    And it friggin' stinks.
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    I couldn't do it...I've tried..several time to "diet" that way. Then I tried to do the 1200 cals and eat back exercise cals - but then on days I didn't work out I'd feel like I was starving.

    I much prefer TDEE method so I can eat the same every day :D. ALL THE FOOOODZ!
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    It's actually hard for me to get 1,200 calories. I eat 3 meals & 2 snacks a day, too. If you eat mainly veggies, fruits & meats, it's kinda easy. Veggies are very filling.
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    eat more
    set a more healthy target and watch out for your macros, as getting the balance right can really help you feel fuller for longer

    it is possible that many folks claiming to eat 1200, are not logging as accurately as they might and may well be eating more


    if your body isn't happy then you're not eating enough

    ideally you want to target the smallest calorie deficit at which your body continues to lose weight
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    Believe it or not, i actually done a 700 calorie diet for a few months added with bodyweight strength training. I don't know how i managed it for a few months and i lose weight like crazy. Now that i joined mfp i try to eat more for more steady gain/cut, it's crazy how i don't have any idea about nutrients and calorie back then. Bottomline, it's possible but it's about willpower, motivation, and sacrifce (even though i done it for worse).

    If you guys want to know my food a few months ago
    Breakfast : 1 serving of milk
    Lunch : 100 g of tempeh and some lettuce
    Dinner : 100g of tempeh and some lettuce

    Exercise :

    And yeah it was crazy, really crazy
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    1. if you exercise you get to eat more than 1200 calories. :)

    2. I have a friend who is over weight (maybe diabetic) and is doing a diet that is prescribed by his doctor, shakes mainly but all being carefully watched and he says that its only 900 cal.. (which i really think is very low ) and not a good way to do things cause you don't learn about portion control and choosing appropriate foods servings. It's not very smart for long term..

    There is no real "maintenance" program.

    I'm not a troll. i'm a lurker. :D and newbie (or noob as my nephew )

    but really you get hankgry...
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    I tried a 1200 calorie diet in the past and it just did not work for me. I felt like I was in a constant mental fog and never could have the energy to go out and do things.

    Now I'm on a 1500-1600 calorie diet with multiple small meals and feel much better all around. I feel like I can actually stick with this. But I assume everyone is different and what is easy for some will be about impossible for others.
  • Deipneus
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    It's 3 p.m. and I'm at 1300 calories. I'm cranky and think I could die of starvation. This is no way to live. Thank goodness I still have room to eat more today!
    I eat a lot more than that but I'm a 5'11" guy and I've lived on 1,200 calories without dying or going into "starvation mode".
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    I'm on 1200 calories and honestly, it's rare for me to be hungry at the end of my calories. I think a lot of it is because I'm careful to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, the rest of it is probably because I eat low-fat vegan now. I get plenty on my plates, plenty in my belly, and it's all low calorie stuff, I get a huge amount of food for my calories. When I was eating poorly, I was always hungry, even shortly after I finished a meal.

    I'm right there with you. I'm fairly sedentary, so 1200 tends to leave me pretty satisfied as long as it's protein-rich and has a decent amount of dietary fat. If I'm still hungry, I just eat more and don't stress it too much.
  • Taramarie75
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    high protein amounts and tuns of vegetables
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    I have no idea how people function on only 1200 calories per day. It sounds like torture.

    Heh. I know people who consume nothing but water for 7 days in a row because fasting gives them a "sense of clarity and well-being."

    1200 is not a problem as long as you aren't working a physical job. Totally doable. Just not pleasant.
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    I did fine on that amount, but working out like I do I need more, once you start lifting, 1200 doesn't cut it.
  • perseverance14
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    high protein amounts and tuns of vegetables
    Yep, my protein always has and still is high, but lean.