I don't like sugar free stuff...but.......



  • 81Katz
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    I chew sugar free gum and suck on sugar-free hard candies/suckers. I do it to save calories too. I also use sugar-free coffee creamer or 'diet' variations of pop or juices. Yep, all to save calories. :ohwell:

    I've never had any digestion/bathroom issues ... thank goodness!
  • Ready2Rock206
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    I don't track sugar. Problem solved. If you eat any fruit you're almost guaranteed to go over your sugar.


    I changed my settings to track fiber instead.....other options are available too.

    Me too! I'd much rather be sure I'm getting fiber than to worry about sugar.
  • TiLo0905
    TiLo0905 Posts: 34
    Oh thanks everybody...I didn't even realize you could change the settings...I would like to track fibre for sure. I should have mentioned though that I am pre-diabetic (insulin resistant) so ya sugar is a bit of a concern. But I don't feel like im doing anything wrong now as much as I did before!

    Thanks again! :smile:
  • ashandstuff
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    Yeah tracking sugar is pretty silly. I just hit my fat/carb/protein macros (or try to anyway).