Newbie no friends :(



  • Kittel42
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    Hi!! Feel free to add me too - I am doing the same thing you are and thought maybe this would help. I usually get frustrated and go back to my old habits too. I am tired of feeling gross and ready for a change! We can do it together!! :-)
  • jlapey
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    Instead of adding just a bunch of randoms to your friend's list, I suggest you read through a lot of the forums and pick and choose, not only those going through the same situation as you, but some who have been where you are and have gotten to where you want to be. Those who are with you will offer support and encouragement, those who have "been there" and overcame can offer guidance.

    Also, here are some very informational threads that all Newbies should read:

    Welcome to MFP and good luck to you in reaching your goals.
  • jcubedatund
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    anyone can feel free to add me too. I am starting month 5 of this lifestyle makeover. I have my ups and downs but so far it's been going okay.
  • wylnora
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    Welcome to MFP! Feel free to add me. :)
  • jenn_ed
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    I'm on here every day, so feel free to add me. I only just recently got involved with the MFP community, and it is definitely better than trying to go it alone!
  • barbarapoppa54
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    Feel free to add me to your friends list. I love to encourage others and to be encouraged.
  • kmariet7
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    Feel free to add me too! I'm new as well!
  • sprungerj1
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    I am the same way. Working on week four with a few slip ups. Weekends are the worst. Good Luck
  • handyrunner
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    Anyone is always welcome to add me,,,happy to motivate!
  • Inarie
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    me too, just started . we can do this.
  • rbn_held
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    welcome to MFP. Feel free to add me
  • lorigem
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    Welcome! Feel free to add me :)
  • dejareedubose
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    i used to be a yoyo dieter as well anyone can feel free to add me
  • sassimac
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    Im new here too. I just had surgery last week so tomorrow's my 1st day to b able to work-out. I received my leptiburn and omegakrill, and shopped for more nutritious food. feel free to add me I need all the motivation I can get.
  • nancybuss
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    You Can do this!

    One day at a time
    One pound at a time

    You may slip once in awhile, but you stand up, brush yourself off and keep on going! We're here to help!
  • Bjamino
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    Feel free to add :)
  • OhioTallGuy
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    I'm fairly new here too. I am on everyday. Anyone feel free to add me....
  • Live_To_Win
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    Anyone here can feel free to add me, I am on daily. I will be there for support and encouragement.
  • MrsFlint2013
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    Anyone can add me. Overall, been keeping up and keeping track! I have a lot to lose, as well, so will be at this thing for awhile!
  • chasingdreams18
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    Welcome to MFP! Anyone is welcome to add me as well!