Official "Get Friends" Thread



  • xmarykaterose
    xmarykaterose Posts: 82 Member
    hey! I'm totally in on this. My name is MaryKate, I'm 18, and looking to lose 25ish pounds and just generally getting more fit and active. feel free to add me!
  • GeordieGirl80s
    GeordieGirl80s Posts: 120 Member
    Hi everyone. I'm Jenn, 33 and currently trying to lose between 80 & 90lbs. I'm 5ft 2" & have various health issues, including a very bad back and atrial flutter (which had me housebound from April - December last year) please feel free to add me, I am also a fitbit user (Northernbaygirl1981) so feel free to add me there too.
  • Gw3nJa
    Gw3nJa Posts: 40 Member
    Hey, so I've been here awhile. I yo-yo a but sad to said. But I've been keeping at it and would really like some more friends so we can all help each other reach our goals. Trying to lose A LOT. Definitely planning on being here fore a long time.
  • chr12bu
    chr12bu Posts: 13 Member
    Hello :)
    Chris, 38, UK based, occasional vegetarian.
    Need to lose a little, and maintain, and generally improve my fitness... Today is a 31 day streak, the longest I've managed to track... it's been helped by travelling and using time in business hotels to detox. Have a couple of MFP pals that provide motivation, but could always do with more... (and I'll help motivate you too....). Have a great day!
  • klreiland
    klreiland Posts: 14
    Hey, Kayla here. Have always played sports but recently retired from the amazing world of roller derby. Now I have more time to focus on me. I have started with changing my eating habits. So far, I have lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks. I need to lose a little over 50 more pounds. Would love to meet other athletes.
  • courtcourtfnp
    courtcourtfnp Posts: 134 Member
    Hey y'all. Not new to MFP, but just returning after a long absence. I could definitely use friends/motivation!! I am needing to lose about 90 lbs total to be at my goal weight. Add me!!!
  • Hunnergomeow
    Hunnergomeow Posts: 231 Member
    Hi all :)
    I'm on every day & always looking for new friends. Anyone feel free to add :)
  • iPlatano
    iPlatano Posts: 487 Member
    Hi :D
    Im on everyday.
    I like supporting people and make them laugh sometimes;)
  • fuzilojak
    fuzilojak Posts: 269 Member
    I lost 140lbs when I was in high school. Kept it off for years but gained it back, plus some after a cycling accident and have yo-yo'ed since. I've lost 70lbs so far and have another 140-150 to go.

    I log in daily and stay pretty active with my friends. Anyone needing a friend can add me. :)
  • Wandering_1
    Wandering_1 Posts: 95 Member
    Hey guys. I'm in! Support is why this is working this time around. Add me so we can do it together.
  • crystalpoczynek
    crystalpoczynek Posts: 3 Member
    Add me! New to MFP and would like to see others striving for similar goals! :)
  • I'm Nikki, 30, stay at home mother of 4 little monsters. Just started and have about 50lbs to lose.
  • chellseaworley101
    chellseaworley101 Posts: 16 Member
    My name is Chellsea & I'm 19 years old! I log on daily (124 day streak) & I have about ten pounds to go to get to my goal weight! Then I'll take it from there. I've hit a plateau & I really need some motivation & tips on how to get a flat tummy! So add me! :)
  • jasondcooper
    jasondcooper Posts: 125
    Hi, I've been here for a few years now. Reached my weight goals a couple of years back but would love to connect with people who enjoy living/building an active lifestyle. I'd especially like to meet a few runners! Good luck to all of you. Let's connect!
  • lstarnuto
    lstarnuto Posts: 6
    Just started back on MFP love the changes to the app! Love to have more motivation and give some! Feel free to add me!
  • Ali_momof2
    Ali_momof2 Posts: 478 Member
    I'm trying to get back into MFP. I want to get into better shape to feel better about myself. It would great to have some ppl that can relate to that. I just want to be a better me.
  • jenniferpeacock3576
    jenniferpeacock3576 Posts: 3 Member
    Didn't mean to decline your friend request sorry
  • Travko
    Travko Posts: 55 Member
    I could definitely use a few more friends on MFP, especially as I try to work through this plateau. Feel free to add me!
  • Hey everyone! I totally need more friend! :) Add me :flowerforyou:
  • Hello everyone, i'm JT...I have been on and off of MFP since Jan 2011, lost 75 pounds, gained 20 back, working on losing those 20. I am a runner, cyclist, cross fit enthusiast, P90X and burpee machine. Always looking for motivated, fitness minded friends.